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Messiah Season 2 Will Reveal Al-Masih’s Real Motives

If my theory is correct, Messiah Season 2 will push on the apocalypse/end of the world “as we know it” storyline.

Al-Masih, as the ‘new messiah’ or just some lunatic in an elaborate hoax is still a puzzle but with all the circumstances that were presented in Season 1, the earth’s extinction is not a far-fetched plot twist.

In Season 1, there were incidents that can be related to the apocalypse like the changes in the weather (tornadoes and floods), fish ending up on the shore, and Eve’s father talking about the recent happenings in his life that he suspected something’s about to happen. I guess those are some clues that Messiah Season 1 left for us to decipher.

The new Netflix series that was dropped on the first week of January 2020 received mixed reactions from viewers. From what I’ve seen, the story that runs from episode 1 to 5 could be a little bit shaky but then after you watch episode 6 and onwards, the series evolved and became more interesting.

Let me know in the comment box if you have other theories about the next season of Messiah.

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