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Meet Samsung’s New Work Tribe

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It’s 2019, and fluidity is the name of the game. Life is ever-changing and developing, and being nimble on your feet will keep you ahead of the pack. This extends to how the younger generation views work; beyond work-life balance, these young professionals can excel professionally while enjoying their many passions. They don’t just live in the moment, they rule the moment.

These young go-getters are called the New Work Tribe, a group that Samsung understands well and, more importantly, wants to enable with the help of the new Samsung Galaxy Note10+.

Want to understand the New Work Tribe more? Here are seven individuals that Samsung has helped empower.

Reaching Every Goal

Catriona Gray is the embodiment of a growing group of Filipinos who are no longer confined to a 9 to 5 desk job but are passionate and purposeful about what they do. After a stunning run at the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, she charmed the world with her beauty, grace, and wit at the Miss Universe pageant late last year.

As the reigning Miss Universe, Gray performs her duties while pursuing her love of singing, painting, and engaging with kids. She is powered by the Galaxy Note10+, which ensures that she achieves all her personal and professional goals.

“I’m so fulfilled because my role as Miss Universe is an extension of what I, as Catriona pursued before entering into the world of pageantry. I’ve always been passionate about education knowing how it can instill a sense of self-confidence along with potentially change the lives of our youth for the better. I feel fortunate that I get to have fun, pursue my passion, and give back to the community I love the most,” she reveals.

Gray loves her Galaxy Note10+ as it is her partner in fulfilling her duties and staying connected to the world. “With just one device, I can stay updated with my partner organizations and my loved ones,” she says. “I can also share what I’m doing with my followers and through sharing my journey, hopefully, encourage them to take part too in getting involved in their community.”

Creating Art with Technology

Designer Vania Romoff loves the Galaxy Note10’s innovations. As one of the country’s most in-demand couturiers, she collaborates with clients who want to experience her glamorous and romantic silhouettes. The smartphone’s Intuitive S Pen lets her construct masterpieces, even on-the-go.

“I get inspired by random things during the day. I like how I can sketch on my Galaxy Note10+, whether I’m at home or when traveling,” says Romoff. “With my smartphone, I don’t need to carry a bulky sketchpad to design a dress when inspiration strikes.”

Steph Kienle Gonzalez is also an avid user of the Galaxy Note10+. The Chief Operating Officer of the luxury furniture company Philux relies on the S Pen to share designs, strategies, and campaigns with her team. The Air Actions of the S Pen allow Kienle to lead the Galaxy Note10+ with just simple gestures, which is perfect when she needs to present ideas on-the-go.

“I love how the S Pen functions as a remote control to show our upcoming collections for Philux. It’s so easy to share ideas, which I use a lot with designers, customers, and suppliers,” adds Kienle.

Both Romoff and Kienle use the gadget’s pro-grade camera that captures stunning photos and videos that allow their creativity to stand out and make an impact.

Boosting Business with Productivity

The Galaxy Note10+ is packed with productivity features to help businessmen and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and targets. Content creator and The Fat Kid Inside Producer Erwan Heussaff depends on the Galaxy Note10+ for his many meetings.

“I don’t need to bring a laptop when I’m using my Galaxy Note10+,” reveals Heussaff. “The S Pen lets me write on my smartphone’s screen, and it automatically converts it to digital text. I take notes during meetings and when I’m planning content for my YouTube channel, which I can then easily share with my team or my other devices.”

Jeff Ortega also uses the Galaxy Note10+ to run his multiple businesses. As the man behind Funky Quarters Boutique Hotel, Mad Monkeys Burgers and La Union Surf School, Jeff takes advantage of the smartphone’s features to ensure that his ventures stay in top shape.

Samsung DeX enables him to manage all his businesses. It lets Jeff connect his Galaxy Note10+ to a laptop to show the device’s content on a bigger screen. From there, he can multitask by easily transferring files, photos, or other content from his smartphone to his laptop and vice-versa. Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft Office also lets him craft documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. More importantly, he can wirelessly transfer these files from his Galaxy Note10+ to his laptop.

Managing Wellness for Mind and Body

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ empowers fitness enthusiasts with their body goals. Fitness enthusiast Hideo Muraoka compares his yoga and martial arts practice to the device’s long battery life.

“Just like how yoga gives me enough energy to last the day, the battery capacity of the Galaxy Note10+ lets me do all my tasks. I can hone my photography, teach yoga, and go on shoots on just a single charge,” says Muraoka.

Meanwhile, Nico Bolzico takes advantage of the device’s edge-to-edge and near bezel-less Infinity-O Display screen that gives him an immersive viewing experience when watching his previous football games or checking out new fitness routine videos.

Join Gray, Romoff, Kienle, Heussaff, Ortega, Muraoka, and Bolzico and be part of the New Work Tribe. The Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are now available, with a suggested retail price of PHP 53,990 and PHP 60,990, respectively. The Galaxy Note10 comes in Aura Glow and Aura Black, while the Galaxy Note10+ is available in Aura Glow, Aura White, and Aura Black.

Know more about the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ at For more information about Samsung Members, visit or download the app via Google Play Store or the Galaxy App Store.

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