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Mealtime Bonding Sparks Real and Loving Conversation

To tell you honestly, mealtime bonding is one of the most great moments in the family and with the loved ones.

Especially nowadays when we are trapped in communicating via mobile through texts or Facebook Messenger. We tend to forget how beautiful it is to have real conversations on the table.

This holds true with Voltz Vallejo’s video blog where he showed a mealtime bonding with his sister, Ritz. Voltz prepared a meal for lunch and invited Ritz, who is a nurse to come over.

Voltz cooked fried chicken and while they’re enjoying it, he started a conversation with Ritz. They also played a simple game.

I miss this kind of moments. I’m not saying na wala nang ganitong pagkakataon sa bahay pero hindi na kase ganon kadalas. I’m always out of the house for work and so whenever I got the chance na wala naman ako events or assignments, I make sure na sulit yung bonding moments ko with the family.

I also cook so whenever I’m home, ako na nagluluto. I also use and try discovering more ways when cooking fried chicken or pork chop. Iba kase ang lasa when you add something new sa pag-luto ng food.

Meanwhile, here’s Voltz Vallejo’s Mealtime Bonding with sister, Ritz.

Essential sa cooking ang mga basic ingredients sa kitchen namin like other condiments na lalong nagpapasarap ng luto sa pagkain.

So there, it looks like nagutom ako. So I’ll cook a meal first and enjoy a bonding moments with the family.

And before I forget, never missed an opportunity to bond with your family, friends, and loved ones. Enjoy every minute of it as long as it lasts. ☺️

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