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Manila is the Newest Member of Professor’s Team in Netflix’s Money Heist


But how can this be a spoiler when Netflix already gave that away hours after Money Heist was released, same day, April 3?

Let’s begin!

Previously on Money Heist Part 3, we saw Raquel and Professor Sergio enjoying their freedom in a far away island, Mindanao, as they try to live a new life only to return to Spain and regrouped the team for a much bigger, dangerous, and final heist.

Mindanao was set up as a place of refuge in the series and that made it more interesting especially to Money Heist’s viewers in the Philippines.

Originally titled LA CASA DE PAPEL, Money Heist became popular to Filipino audience after Netflix included the series on its catalog and we became instant fans of Tokyo, Denver, Rio, Helsinki, Lisbon, Raquel, Nairobi, and the Professor. Thus, including Mindanao as one of the key locations in the series was done for a reason.

As the lives of the main characters were put in danger – thanks to Palermo, a new member emerged, Manila.

A secret member hidden from plain sight in Part 3, Manila reveals herself and becomes the eye of Professor in this hard-hitting suspense bank heist drama. Manila’s revelation begins at the start of Part 4’s episode 5.

I guess, she’ll be playing an important role when the gang goes to war in Part 5.

“Start calling me Manila Because I’m Manila, Dani.”

And if you’re already watching Money Heist Part 4, you know there are a lot of things that is happening this season.


Bella Ciao!

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