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Make That Summer All-Year Round With Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza

Summer has ended, or maybe not. The temperature still rising and it kinda bring back the memories when you’re at the beach spending those wacky moments with your barkadas. Or those precious moments when one of your friends are celebrating their birthdays and you were asked to be the one to bring the pizza so you can enjoy each and every slice while singing the birthday song.
Well, you can make summer stay and make it all-year round with Greenwich Hawaiian Overload pizza and you can enjoy it every time there’s a birthday celebration among your friends.
Just like Yassi Pressman and Bela Padilla who recently celebrated their birthdays last May, they shared that moment with their fans and friends as they threw out a birthday summer party and Hawaiian-inspired for everyone to enjoy. And the main highlight was to announce the perfect tropical treat to bring that beach vibes, even to your own backyard. Greenwich Hawaiian Overload pizza is loaded with sweet pineapples, smothered with premium cheeses, and topped  with generous amount of bacon and ham providing that mouthwatering flavor blend that is best shared with the barkada.
And the best part, you can easily order your favorite Greenwich pizzeria by simply dialing ‘#55555’ for nationwide delivery. Or you can type and text ‘G’ to 0919-88-55555 (Smart) or 0905-88-55555 (Globe) and expect Greenwich to call you back for your orders.
So whether you are celebrating island girl-style like Yassi and Bela, you can enjoy a full-year summer season with your friends with a box of pinya-sarap na Hawaiian Overload pizza sa presyong kaibigan!

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