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How To Make Your Dad Look And Feel Great

It’s Dad’s day – help him look good, feel great!He was the first man in your life.
Watsons Father's Day 2
No doubt, after mom, dad has always been around since you were born. He carried you as a baby when mom was too tired and sleep-deprived to do so. He changed your diapers and stayed up at night even when he was tired from work.
When you started school, he woke up
an hour early to take you on his way to work. He’d also bring you to mall outings
with friends and even parties. He made you look good, feel great during
challenging times, such as when someone bullied you at school.
Dad may not be at home most of the time but when he is, he makes sure he
spends quality time with you. Now that you’re all grown up and caught up with
the realities of life, time spent with your father isn’t as much as it was when you
were a child and in school.
Watsons’ video for Father’s Day
reminds us that before all these comic book and movie superheroes, we already
had a superhero in our life and that’s Dad.
Now, it’s your turn to make Dad look and feel great.
Here are some heartfelt suggestions:
Take him to lunch or dinner at his favorite restaurant and foot the bill. Now that you’re a professional, take your dad on a Father’s Day date. Surprise him!
Even better than a meal at a restaurant is a meal you made yourself.
With YouTube tutorials, it is so easy to prepare and cook a good meal. Your dad will be happy and proud, no matter what the results.
Give your father the gift of good health by putting together vitamins and
supplements so he will be healthier. Dad may no longer be young but he can live
a long and fulfilling life if he takes care of his health.
Book him a session or two with a fitness trainer who can come up with a realistic
health program for him. Your dad may be too busy or not have the time to
exercise but with the right information, he’ll have no excuses and get right on to
More than any material thing, your father will appreciate the gift of love.
Make time from your busy schedule to be with him and reconnect, not just for lunch or dinner.
Send him an SMS everyday or give him a call to let him know that despite
your being an adult, he is still your superhero.
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