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Makagago-Leng Altura Face-off Ended Well in Raffy Tulfo’s Show

Online disser and YouTuber Mark Jayson aka Makagago meets Leng Altura to patch things and to publicly apologize for all the words that he said on his YouTube channel against the now talk-of-town social media influencer.

Screenshot via RTiA YouTube show

Over at Raffy Tulfo in Action YouTube show, both Makagago and Leng finally resolved the issue and admitted both of their mistakes in front of the live audience.

The issue between Makagago and Leng stemmed from the KNPP clothing line controversy that Makagago attacked in his channel. Leng was involved in the tirade and was dragged by Makagago who shared unverified ‘dark secrets’ against this young lady. This prompted Leng to seek Idol Raffy Tulfo’s help.

Leng showed up at RTiA and blamed Makagago for all the hates and bashing she’s receiving on the internet. The malicious accusations that Makagago ‘revealed’ affected Leng so much and she wanted the YouTube vlogger to issue a public apology or else, face legal consequences.

Makagago appeared a day after and met with Leng and Raffy.

Raffy Tulfo acknowledged both their presence and after reconciling, he gave unsolicited advice to the two which they openly accepted.

To Leng, it was a sigh of relief and she promised to be responsible in her next projects. Makagago on the other hand, admitted that he was quite nervous while on his way to the station because of the legal charges he could be facing yet he went on and admitted his wrongdoings.

Idol Raffy was happy that the two have worked things out for good but he also reminded them that should they go back in their old ways, they’ll be creating another problem for themselves.

The Makagago-Leng Altura face-off saved Makagago from a legal battle in the court and Leng, can now redeem herself from her haters and bashers.

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