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LTFRB’s Gardiola and Royeca of Angkas Reconcile and Settle Differences, Finally

After a Congressional hearing for the Motorcyle Taxi Pilot Run concluded this morning, DOTr-TWG, LTFRB, and Angkas finally settled their differences and reconcile to put an end on the current legal issues.

It was only two days ago when Land Transporation Feanchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) board member Antonio Gardiola, Jr. hastily declared Angkas and other motorcycle ride-hailing services deemed ‘illegal’ and will not be allowed to do its business starting next week.

All of these were seemed to change when Gardiola and George Royeca, chief transport advocate and spokesperson, Angkas, face-off this morning, Jan. 22, at the House of Representatives Philippines Congress in Quezon City.

This morning’s congress hearing was headed by Hon. Edgar Mary Sarmiento, house chair on Committee on Transportation Committee.

The hearing concluded with a final resolution and allowing the Pilot Run to continue and increased the cap to 45,000 units. The Pilot Run will also include congressmen and previous members to be part of TWG’s study.

The cap states allowing Angkas, Joyride, and Move It with 15,000 units each was resolved during the hearing. And in a sudden gesture of goodwill, JoyRide and Move It both agreed to share their allowed 5,000 cap to Angkas, increasing the latter’s cap to 25,000.

Angkas for its part, announced that it will retract its court case against LTFRB-TWG.

Cagayan de Oro is also now included in the Pilot Run.

We hope that this ends the bureaucratic saga that fueled the exchange of heated words and arguments between DOTr-LTFRB/TWG and Angkas.

With this new surprising development, the public and motorcylce taxis’ passengers can now be rest assured that they are given a fair chance to choose their options in looking for a better mode of transportation.

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