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Live the Good Life in Alabang (the Italian Way) at Buona Vita

If you live in or near Alabang, what’s your favorite restaurant within the city serving Italian food?
Perhaps you’ve already tried Buona Vita, or probably heard of it.
Or maybe (just maybe), this is the very first time you’ve actually learned that there’s such a terrific dining place south of Manila.
If you’re often in Molito Commercial Complex, you’d notice Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano facing that outdoor fountain area (the beautiful color-changing water fountain at nighttime) and close to several fine dining restaurants popular among the discerning Alabang crowd.
True to its name, Buona Vita brings to Manila a taste of the “good life” in Italy. It is being operated and managed by Italian fine dining expert, Rossini Conrad Inc., a company established in 2016 that also owns Rossini Ristorante Italiano in S’Maison Mall, Pasay City. Rossini does business here like how it should be in Italy – hiring an Italian Executive Chef and working hand-in-hand with Italian entrepreneurs, investors and consultants. These factors contribute to why Buona Vita serves nothing but “authentic and artisanal” Italian cuisine and the best brands of Italian wine, as well as having interiors and that atmosphere providing the Italian vibe and a sneak peek of Italy’s rich culture.
Buona Vita used to be situated along the not-so-well-lighted Daang Hari Road, hence the location transfer was a really good decision. Its present spot in Molito is so much better – more convenient to visit for southies like me.
You might be surprised to see a few German influences on the Buona Vita menu, such as German beer (instead of Italian) and deli. This is because the General Manager a.k.a. owner of both Buona Vita and Rossini is a non-chef, Italian food and wine-loving German businessman, Thomas Moersheim.

Thomas was very accommodating and hands-on with our pre-dinner briefing. He encouraged us to try Buona Vita’s Italian-themed buffet featuring what we Pinoys know best – pizzas and pastas – and a wide range of starters and main course dishes prepared under the direction of Executive Chef Davide Lombardi (who was likewise present at the event to discuss the buffet menu with us).
We were even lucky to have a chance to try a unique Italian snack specialty by Buona Vita, the Pinocchio Pizza (a cone-shaped pizza inspired by the original cone hat of Italian fairy tale character Pinocchio, not the Disney-version Pinocchio FYI).
This is the real Pinocchio, friends👇

Check out my Instagram videos and photos below to view highlights of our Buona Vita bloggers night featuring Buffet Italiano and the Pinocchio Pizza:

Thomas was very optimistic about future plans and events for Buona Vita, which got us definitely excited. Apart from making Buona Vita the finest of its kind in Manila south with its recent renovation, this year’s expansion lineup and activities are:
🍝 A European import business for products including authentic Italian merchandise
🍕European deli stores that would also sell food and beverage choices made locally
🍝 A commissary targeting both deli stores and restaurants
🍕 Opening one or more outlets
🍝 More promos and events like Pizza Night to be held at Buona Vita’s Chef’s Table (like a small VIP room/private function room at the second floor, with perks such as customizable menu and personalized service by the chef himself)
Here are items you can order with a Chef’s Table reservation:

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