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LBC Launches Payment Solutions To Showcase The Strength Of Logistic And Financial Services

LBC now provides a full end-to-end platform in the market today that is uniquely designed to enable e-commerce and SMEs.

Payment And Logistic Solutions

One of the solutions is the Payroll Disbursement which will handle the disbursement of payrolls to employees.
Another solution is PayCollect which allows sellers to use the LBC branches as the payment center of their buyers.
SMEs just need to register to LBC and create accounts to grow their business. LBC’s role is to provide convenience for the sellers.
Returns And Refunds for SMEs give more integrity for their businesses and assure their customers that  they can replace any items and/or refund payments and send back the items to the sellers.
Cash On Delivery is another solution for customers with door-to-door delivery requirements. LBC’s wide service network guarantees sellers that their customers will be delivered straight to their place.
Cash On Pick-Up allows sellers/buyers to select where the cargo will be picked-up  as an alternative way for “meet-ups” for online transactions.
LBC executives announced during the launch that their service fees are made lowered than the traditional fees they offered in the past as they are positioning the brand to be more aggressive in this area.

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