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Lazada’s Biggest One-day Shopping Festival Coming Soon with Ultimate Deals

by Enzo Luna

Before Santa Claus comes to town, Lazada, the first eCommerce platform to bring the shopping festival.concept to Southeast Asia, will splash ultimate deals this 11.11 for everyone to find the one they love, from the latest gadgets, beauty regime, food, among others to keep every one “shoppertained.”

The one-day flagship event happens on November 11 (11.11) and targets to redefine the retail experience in SEA. Shoppertainment features the range from livestreaming to facial recognition games and innovations such as oice search to find items. At the same time, 11.11 gives its network of sellers a major opportunity to recruit new fans for their brands.

The announcement was made during a Singapore event headed by Pierre Poignant, Group Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Lazada. Pierre also shared a brief background of how Lazada 11.11 campaign began in Indonesia in 2012.

Presently, Lazada is now Southeast Asia’s leading and fastest growing eCommerce platform.

“Our job is to empower local SMEs across the region. We have seen 142% growth in terms of seller growth. The goal is to create real businesses. We also want to transform the way we do shopping in Southeast Asia through Localization, Personalization, and Innovation. Daily Search Queries served in 5 loval languages. We use technology to personalize customer’s going to Lazada app. We also made shopping fun and engaging through In-App Games available in our LazGame portal,” Pierre added.

“11.11 is highly anticipated by our consumers. The new logo shows our love to our consumers, sellers, and our ecosystem. The biggest one-day sale is coming. We are the leader as we first introduced this concept. 11.11 is something we want to take it as new opportunity to set benchmark for the future. In addition, we’ll be having 80,000,000 deals with 20,000,000 of these with free shipping this coming 11.11 shopping festival,” said Jing Yin, Co-President, Lazada Group.

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