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Kwentong Jollibee’s “Choice” and “Schoolboy” Showcase Special Occasions and Values, Tops YouTube Ads Leaderboard

With the brand being a consistent part of the YouTube Ads Leaderboard, Jollibee continues its digital engagement leadership through relevant and insightful storytelling.

Two of the well-loved brand’s videos made it to the local ranking list for the most effective ads in the first half of 2019, with Kwentong Jollibee Valentine installment “Choice” and Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day Special “Schoolboy”.

The bi-annual YouTube Ads Leaderboard Philippines recognizes the top 10 brand advertisements based on a combination of popularity and promotion on YouTube ads during the first and second half of the year.

Directed by Ianco de la Cruz, “Choice” revolves around the story of Ann, a young woman who is torn between two men in her life. While sharing profound moments with her long-time best friend, Paul, she also begins to find comfort in Jay — a new co-worker who has helped her discover a different side of herself. “Choice” has garnered more than 5.7 million YouTube views as of October 31.

Meanwhile, the Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day episode “Schoolboy” follows the narrative of a young student as he overcomes his insecurities with the help of his mother’s care and encouraging words that gave him the assurance he needed. As of October 31, “Schoolboy” has reached over 5 million YouTube views.

“With the two videos making it to the Top 10 of the YouTube Ads Leaderboard Philippines, we are truly grateful to share with Filipinos the stories we’ve been fortunate enough to have come across. We commit to continue developing groundbreaking online content, anchored on compelling storytelling, that will inspire more Filipinos to believe in the joy of love and giving,” shared Arline Adeva,

Jollibee Philippines Assistant Vice President for Brand Communications, PR and Digital.

For the first half of 2019, Google Philippines shared that the YouTube Ads Leaderboard observed that harping on seasonal and moment celebrations continues to be one of the powerful trends amongst the line-up of advertisements, inspired by relevant themes close to their audience’s hearts.

The Valentine’s Day installment “Choice” depicts the reality of having loved and lost in life, and continuing to have faith in love. “Schoolboy”, on the other hand, features the unexampled power of a mother’s nurturing love in time for this year’s Mother’s Day season.

Jollibee is truly known for capturing pivotal moments shared within Filipino families and bridging these stories well told with equally powerful Filipino family values, thus positioning them as the only brand that captured two spots in this semester’s YouTube Ads Leaderboard.

With Jollibee’s continued success on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard, audiences can only expect more relevant and engaging content from the brand and its creative agency, McCann World Group Philippines.

To watch Kwentong Jollibee’s “Choice” and “Schoolboy”, visit Jollibee Studios’ official YouTube Channel at

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