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KNPP Clothing Defends Its Provocative T-Shirt Design (Part 1)

A popular online clothing line is making noise in social media because of its profanities: provocative and explicit t-shirt designs that angers conservatives and self-righteous group. In one way or another, they have an arguably case in point.

Pizza flavored female genitalia in an orgasmic state?

KNPP Clothing Line crossed boundary when it shared its “KainPepe” t-shirt design aa being modeled by a certain female personality named Leng Altura.

Leng Altura and Boy Toyo

Leng and other female endorsers (with or without their knowledge of the meaning of design – but I’m sure they gave their consent) flaunt the provocative “KainPepe” design matched with equally explicit and sensual graphics that could freak people who highly value their morals. I am attaching some of the photos here as they are publicly shared by the clothing line (and those who proudly wear them) and to give credence to this news report.

WARNING: These photos have explicit, sensitive, and sexual visual graphics.

The brouhaha escalated and advocates of GMRC showed up on social media lambasting KNPP and the owner who goes by the name of “Boy Toyo” – who later I found out has a name – Jayson Luzadas.

I’m not here to judge these photoshoots for the t-shirt brand’s marketing scheme. Kaniya-kaniyang style yan. This is no different when we see the almost nude bikini-clad to fully naked personalities on Instagram that a lot of followers cheer with thousands to millions of likes.

Ang pagkakaiba nga lang nitong “KainPepe” eh it is a direct hit against the moral fiber na kinalakihan ng maraming Pilipino. Maaring marami ang natutuwa at magpapatuloy na susuporta sa brand na ito pero hindi rin natin maipagkakaila na marami rin ang magagalit at mababastusan sa mga design ng KNPP lalo na dito sa “KainPepe” graphics.

Base sa screenshot (na ipapakita ko sa baba) ng KNPP post (I tried looking for its official Facebook page but it seems na take-down na yata), the clothing line explained or rather posted a stupid excuse as to how and why the “KainPepe” was conceptualized.

KNPP said that the tagline was to represent Filipinos love for eating (kain) food, and Pepe is a common used named for Filipino men.

It said, “the real purpose (sic) of the brand name is simply to encourage adolescents and teenagers to EAT PROPERLY.” WTF?!

Do you believe that’s what KNPP advocates in producing a t-shirt design that is degrading indignities to our women? I don’t think so.

I am invitimg KNPP Clothing Line or any of its official representative to toss the other side of the coin and hear them out on this controversial social media happening.

2 thoughts on “KNPP Clothing Defends Its Provocative T-Shirt Design (Part 1)

  1. Honestly, maiintindihan ko pa sana yung produkto na binebenta nila kung talagang pinanindigan nila.

    Kaso sobrang lame ng depensa nila. Sobrang kontrapelo sa obvious. Like really, biglang may pagka-conservative PG na bwelo para lang makalusot and hope na makabenta ka pa rin?.

    Uh, nope.

    Hell, I’m a straight guy and aminado naman ako na may pagka-malibog ako, pero I wouldn’t even try buying a KNPP shirt.

    1. Tama pre. Yung paliwanag nila halatang nilulusot lang para ‘maintindihan’ sila ng tao but the thing is, it’s BS!

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