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What You Should Know About Changing Your Car's Engine Oil

For brand new acquired cars, owners are bound to have their periodic maintenance service (PMS) on its first 1,000 km up to 10,000 km run. Cars are also under warranty of the car dealer for up to 3 years and it’s best suggested to have your PMS under the car dealer’s care.
While undergoing PMS, owners are required to choose between regular and synthetic oil, or which is best for the car and the owner’s pocket. And after the warranty, where do motorists find the best engine oil to protect their cars?
Oil companies are developing engine oils using ground breaking technology to keep up with the challenges on the road. By delivering superior protection for ultimate engine performance, car engines are fully protected from extreme temperatures to urban city stress. This is where Shell helix Ultra comes in.
With confidence in the long-lasting engine performance of Shell Helix Ultra, Shell is now offering drivers added peace of mind and the confidence to drive without worry. AXA Philippines, one of the largest and fastest growing assistance solutions companies in the country, joins Shell to provide Shell Helix Ultra users with an extended engine warranty for up to 12 years (or 200,000 km). Because Shell study its products, the warranty will cover engine problems caused by lubrication issues. For added protection and value, Shell will provide Shell Helix Ultra users with two roadside assistance every six months for peace of mind on the road. Incidents can include towing and minor repairs like accidents, breakdowns, flat tires, battery boosting, emergency fuel delivery, and sending of locksmith.
On top of the extended engine warranty and free assistance, Shell Helix Ultra users can experience world-class service at Shell Helix Oil Chang+ service centers for the most convenient, affordable, and best quality service available.
Shell Helix Ultra is the first natural gas-based fully synthetic oil that can withstand it all, enabling its users to drive on uninterrupted. Made with PurePlus technology, it has less of the impurities and sediments found in crude-based oils that can cause engine damage and corrosion over time.
With over 100 years of experience, Shell has proven time and again why it is one of the most trusted leaders in the energy and petroleum industry, and the number 1 global lubricants supplier for 11 years now according to the Kline Global Report. Shell’s partner OEM manufacturers globally and locally including Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Ford, Mazda, Subaru, Mercedes Benz, Jeep, and Hyundai are confident that Shell Helix Ultra lives up to its guarantee. Fueled by these smarter mobility partnerships, Shell Helix Ultra keeps car engines running stronger for longer, enabling the passion for driving.
For more information on the extended warranty, free roadside assistance, and Shell Helix Oil Change+ locationa, visit

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