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J&T Express Bags Customer Award

J&T Express, the number one e-commerce delivery company in Southeast Asia, was recently recognized in the National Customers’ Choice Awards ceremonies last January 17 at the Diamond Hotel. The company was named Best Newcomer of the Year in the courier services industry.


“We are honored and humbled by this recognition. This award has proven to us that all our efforts in making J&T Express worthy of such an acknowledgement was worth it,” said Dean Ding, chief executive officer of J&T Express Philippines. “We owe this to our loyal customers, partners and online resellers who trust us to be a part of their business success.”

The National Customers’ Choice Annual Awards is an award-giving body that aims to make the public aware of top-tiered companies, products, services and professionals across different categories and segments through statistically accurate and independent market research surveys.

It also aims to push companies to work harder to ensure that the standards of excellence are maintained for the end benefit of the customers who patronize these companies, products or services. The winners of each of the categories are selected by the customers themselves and not by a panel of judges as is done by other award-giving bodies.

Companies that have earned the distinction of being recognized are given the privilege of using the logo, which is a mark that sets them apart from all others. The awards is given to professionals, companies, products and services.

“This award means that as a partner to e-commerce businesses, we will double our efforts to improve how we do business. It is what we believe our commitment is to the public and our partners.” Ding added.

J&T Express is an e-commerce delivery company that is dedicated to assisting the growth of the local e-commerce sector by providing top-notch express delivery services. The company applies advanced technologies as well as efficient customer services to enable online businesses to take better advantage of today’s online business environment. To date, J&T Express has 400 branches across the Philippines.

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