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Joker (2019): Movie Review

(by Enzo Luna)

I had to do this again. Imagine, I’m already done with this movie review thing tapos hindi nag load and na-delete yung buong article na sinulat ko?!

Anyways, just to get back to it. I already watched Joker three times and my take away is it’s a carefully crafted film, whether you love it or not, it deserves your P240 – P400 movie ticket(s) spendings.

Before you read this article, be known that there may be spoilers na mababanggit dito. If you haven’t watched Joker, stop right there. But if you already seen the movie, let’s begin!

Also, Joaquin Phoenix’s performance has a great chance of winning the Best Actor awards.

Without spoilers, Joker will tie-up to future Batman movies. That’s for sure.

One more thing. The whole Joker movie was a big lie and a joke. How come? Because none of the things that we saw in the movie, except the last scenes where he’s talking with the lady doctor, were real. Paano ko nasabe? Check out the clocks from the early scenes, all three of them shows the same position of the hands of the clocks displayed. It means, all of them were just Arthur’s fantasies. Pati yung nagka girlfriend sya, when he killed the three Wall Street guys, when he shot Murray, also his illusion na si Thomas Wayne ang tatay nya, etc. Remember how Joker’s always trying hard to get into Batman’s nerves? Gusto nya kase mapansin sya ni Batman not as an enemy, but as a friend. In this movie, he imagines hinself as Bruce’s older brother.

Remember when Arthur said in the last scene that he’s thinking of a joke? And he answered, “You’ll never get it…” He was referrimg to the movie audience. The movie was a joke, none of it happen in Arthur’s real-time because he’s already locked up in Arkham. He was just waiting for the right time to escape. And the right timing was during that last scene where he killed the lady doctor. For real.

Anyways, these are just my interpretations. Pwedeng mali or pwede ring tama.

Go and grab a popcorn and watch Joker.

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