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WATCH: Japanese ‘Cosplay Goddess’ reveals herself as a man!

This is one of the many reasons why should not believe anything you see, hear, and watch om the internet.

A popular ‘cosplay goddess’ (also called asba ‘cosplay queen) shocked her fans in Japan when she finally made a decision to reveal her true identity.

With over 65,000 followers on Twitter, and several other thousands on Instagram, Rei Dunois can safely be described as a fairly popular female cosplayer. But appearances can be deceiving. Despite having made a name for herself by transforming into various female anime characters over the last couple of years, Rei recently left her fans with their mouths wide open by revealing that she was actually a “he”. After keeping the appearances up for so long, the talented cosplayer apparently decided to reveal the truth and convince people that they shouldn’t believe everything they see on the internet.

It’s not a joke and this is not a laughing matter. Rei just want to show how technology can mess up our eyes and minds into thinking something is real when it is not.

Who would have thought that a gorgeous human being with a tiny waste, ample bosom, and an attractive feminine face was a man? These features quickly catapulted Rei to the status of cosplay goddess in Japan. Quite frankly, most of her male fans never imagined that the woman of their dreams was actually an adult male with feminine features.

Although the reveal caused a big shock, subsuquent reactions were surprisingly positive, with most commenters praising and commending Rei Dunois for her makeup and digital editing skills. Because yes, did use a bit of tech magic as well.

And in case you’re wondering how the male cosplayer got those big boobs, they’re actually a silicone prosthesis concealed with makeup. They look very real, not gonna lie. And to be frank, Rei as the ‘Cosplay Goddess’ was pretty convincing.

Watch the uncanny revelation below.

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