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K-drama review: Why I Love Netflix’s Itaewon Class

One of the best K-drama that I find interesting and worth the time to watch on Netflix is Itaewon Class. It is all about family, friendship, love, ambition, and revenge.

Sounds like a perfect formula for a drama series, right?

This South Korean drama stars Park Seo-joon (as Park Saeroyi), Keon Nara (as Oh Soo-ah), Ahn Bo-hyun (as Jang Geun-won), Kim Da-mi (as Jo Yi-seo), and Yoo Jae-myung (as Jang Dae-hee) composing the main cast. Supporting cast includes Kim Dong-hee (as Jang Geun-soo), Lee Joo-Young (as Ma Hyun-yi), Ryu Kyung-soo (as Choi Seung-gwon), Kim Hye-eun (as Kang Min-jung), Lee David (as Lee Ho-jin), and Yoon Kyeong-ho (as Oh Byeong-heon). Son Hyun-joo (as Park Sung-yeol) appeared with a special participation and as a recurring character in this series.

I thought Itaewon Class was just a teenage drama series because the story began with the young Saeroyi and Soo-ah back in high school. But as soon as episode 1 was finished I found myself getting hooked to it.

I didn’t watch Itaewon Class ala-Netflix style. Meaning, I didn’t watch it on marathon. Instead, I paused with one to three episodes each day.

I watched it that way so I can relive the feeling of suspense just like when you’re watching a television series back in the days where you’ll have to wait for the following week to catch the next episode.

If you haven’t watched Itaewon Class yet, I suggest you also watch it that way. Old school.

It’s not because you can’t finish all 16 episodes in one seating. Itaewon Class has that suspense appeal that continuous play on the streaming platform will ruin the excitement of unraveling the twists of succeeding episodes.

Yes, there are plot twists for every episode and that’s why Itaewon Class is a must-see K-drama, especially now that we’re on quarantine. Itaewon Class can make you forget that you’re on a lockdown. And because Itaewon Class’ storyline involves food, you will start to crave and be inspired with Korean food even more.

You’ll also get hooked with the soundtrack music of this series.

Just like with Crash Landing on You, I was kinda late in joining the Itaewon Class bandwagon. But it doesn’t matter. Itaewon Class is a type of drama series that you can watch anytime, whether you saw it first ahead of your friends or the last one to give in.


Why do I love Itaewon Class?

For the most important reason, there are no boring episodes. And that is important if you want to have a steady and returning viewership.

Every episode of Itaewon Class (which runs approximately 1-hour each) ends in solving a conflict of the story and will start a new plot twist in the next. Viewers don’t have to wait for half of the season for character build-ups and resolving conflicts. Itaewon Class locks the viewers in each of the episodes and presents exciting reasons why they need to see what happens next in the story. And as the viewers jumped onto the next episode, they are locked in again.

The script of this series is also well-written while the editing and continuity of the story played an important role in getting the viewers hooked with every Itaewon Class episodes. The producer and director did a great job here.

The revenge plot theme of the story is also one of the reasons why Itaewon Class was well-received by the audience like me. The struggle of Saeroyi to be the best and beat Jangga Co. as part of his revenge was interesting to watch each episode.


Charming characters of Itaewon Class

We know that Soo-ah likes Saeroyi but being at the side of the young man’s enemy brought her naive but opportunist character that will make it difficult for viewers to decide if they will love her or hate her.

Same goes with Yi-seo. Yi-seo may appear most of the times annoying but you can’t hate her that easily because admit it, she brings life to the story.

Her cuteness can kill the bad vibes that viewers might feel about her.

Itaewon Class is not just a revenge kind of drama. It also bring up social issues like racism and gender-related facts of life to the story. Kim Toni, played by actor Chris Lyon, is an African-Korean who went to Seoul to see his long-lost father. The racial discrimination played in a scene at a club where Toni wasn’t allowed to enter because he’s black and not Korean. The message was to point out that everyone should be accepted in South Korea and nobody should see a person’s skin color as different from the rest.

When Hyun-yi came out as a transgender, her friends and Saeroyi accepted her who she is. In one episode, her real identity was exposed and Hyun-yi, being a transgender, created a buzz on social media.

And of course, the major reason why I love Itaewon Class is the conflict among Saeroyi, Geun-won, and Chairman Jang. This conflict is the soul of Itaewon Class which helped the story continuously flow up to the very end.

These three characters led the series to a never-ending battle of revenge and power over one another. I’ve never seen this kind of drama series consistently having full of emotions and with heavy scenes but at the same time will make you feel better in the end.

Lastly, Itaewon Class always have those tear-jerking moments that tugs-at-the-heartstring that will hit you emotionally when you least expect.

In the first episode alone, I’ll bet that you’ll cry with Saeroyi. Episode 1 is so crushing that I won’t blame you if you’ll curse Chairman Jang and Geun-won and wanting them to be punished or die for what they did to Saeroyi.

But of course, you don’t have to take my words.

Watch Itaewon Class and let me know in tje comment section your thoughts and reactions to this Netflix’s K-drama.

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