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How to Find the Right Courier Partner for Your Online Business

According to a blog article by, the internet population in the Philippines to be the fastest growing in the world. It is determined to have enjoyed a growth rate of 530 percent over the last 5 years.

The E-Commerce industry is also set to grow at an annual growth rate of 101.4 percent between 2016 and 2020 and because the Philippines is home to a sizeable youth population it is well placed to see continued online retail activity in the coming years. 

And this trend is not something that is localized. All across Asia Pacific region, eCommerce sales is growing exponentially and has even surpassed figures in the US and Europe.

However, for an online business to be successful, getting the products to the customer is key. Every canceled sale is lost business so the role the courier company an online reseller partners with can spell the difference between success and failure.

So, what should online resellers look for in a courier partner?

J&T Express, the number one e-commerce delivery company in Southeast Asia, shares some helpful tips to consider when shopping for a courier company for online resellers to partner with.

Proven track record of reliability

Hands down, this is perhaps the most important criteria online resellers should look for when choosing a courier company to partner with.  It is important that the company has a high success rate of getting the items to their destinations since canceled orders is not good for business. Also, it is worth the time to check the feedback from other resellers regarding a particular courier company. Chances are, the more incidences of canceled orders, the more unreliable the courier company may be.

Extensive branch network

It does not make sense to go into business if your reach will be too limited. Not everybody in your area will want what you are selling. In fact, successful online resellers take pride in being able to ship their products far and wide. So, a courier company that has a nationwide reach is the logical choice to partner with.

Shipment tracking system

Having a gazillion branches does not mean much if the courier company cannot properly track the shipment. That’s why the courier company that has innovative tracking capabilities will always have an edge over those that don’t. A good tracking system will also minimize unwanted customer complaints because they are always updated as to the status of the shipment.

Excellent customer service

Finally, since there will always be delays in shipment, never overlook the importance of an excellent customer service team. It is important that the courier company you partner with has a customer service team that can properly and patiently handle customer issues since a customer lost is most likely not coming back.

J&T Express is an e-commerce delivery company that is dedicated to assisting the growth of the local e-commerce sector by providing top-notch express delivery services. The company applies advanced technologies as well as efficient customer services to enable online businesses to take better advantage of today’s online business environment. To date, J&T Express has 400 branches across the Philippines.

To know more about J&T Express and its services, visit their official FB Page at

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