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How the Scout Troopers Snatched Baby Yoda from Kuiil in The Mandalorian Episode 7

Following from behind, two scout troopers riding their speeder bikes chased Kuiil to the Razor Crest with Baby Yoda on his left arm. The Blurrg was no match to the speed of the chaser and next scene we saw Baby Yoda got snatched and the Ugnaught (and his pet) lying on the ground, presumably dead.

That was bit of a cliffhanger and we’ll have to wait for the final episode, one more to go, to see what happened to The Child, to Mando and the gang after they’ve been surrounded by stormtroopers and Moff Gideon.

Earlier on, we saw Baby Yoda Force choking Cara Dune while doing a friendly arm-wrestling with Dyn. This is quite surprising and horrifying at the same time because we are all swayed by this cute creature then we were shown that it can Force choke?! Was the creature an evil incarnate after all or innocently showing off the power of Force from this thing we called Baby Yoda?

But the thing is, it’s not a ‘baby’ at all. The creature that the Client wanted to deliver to the Empire is actually a 50-year old being. Old enough to know what’s happening around and old enough to use a Dark Side Force whenever, wherever it may choose to do so.

Later on the episode, Baby Yoda healed the poisonous wound of Greef Karga after some large flying creatures attacked their camp while on their way to ‘deliver The Child’ to the Client.

Cute… but…

Is this ‘Child’ a clone creation of Master Yoda by the Dark Side Sith lord? But Kuiil already debunked it earlier on this episode but if so, why the need to extract materials or DNA from it?

Why does the Imperial head wanted the creature so badly? To create Force-sensitive stormtroopers? Or help resurrect the power to Palpatine that will tie to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker plot twist? This Mandalorian time period sets 29 years early before the last Skywalker saga. Hmmm…

We’ll soon have to find out in The Mandalorian S1 E8 when it returns for its finale.

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