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How safe are we from doing grocery shopping amidst this ongoing health crisis?

As grocers find a way to minimize contact between the shopper and cashier, Honeywell offers scanning solutions that keep shopper/employees safe.

Food supply and grocery chain stores are defined and part of essential business with their products and services experiencing high demand during the health crisis.

To reduce the exchange of personal items and products bought inside the store, many food retailers are accelerating their evaluation and deployment of dedicated secondary scanning devices.

With a dedicated secondary scanning solution, shoppers can simply hold out their personal items, and cashier can simply use the barcode scanner to read the presented information, without touching personal items. This allows the shopper and cashier to minimize contact and effectively follow the social and physical distancing protocol.

Honeywell’s line up of barcode scanners offers a safer alternative, while allowing for increased cashier productivity.

They are easy to integrate with existing IT infrastructure, shortening ramp up times and getting critical tech in place to meet today’s demand.

Honeywell offers scanning solutions that enable safer grocery shopping in the midst of global health crisis. This line up of barcode scanners provides a secure alternative that does not only allow increased cashier productivity thus limiting the shoppers and cashier interaction.

VST ECS Phils. Inc. is the authorized distributor of Honeywell in the country. You can also see these barcode scanner products available in online shopping sites like Lazada and Shopee.

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