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Homeking Promises A Top-Tier Household Products And Services

Homeking is now the largest household service provider in mainland China with a customer base of over 3 million families, 30 branch companies, and just last year, reported a revenue amounting to close to RMB 1 billion ($150 million).
“With over 660,000 household service companies in China, what distinguish Homeking from the rest are the privileges its staff enjoy,” said Mr. Seung Moo Yoo, CEO of Homeking Philippines, Inc.

Now what is the significance of Homeking entering the Philippine shore?

Homeking has chosen the Philippines as the 1st station of its global thrust, “Filipino household service attendants (HSAs) gave been known all over the world for their good character and our Chinese clients will find that they are very professional, diligent, and discreet, thanks to the well-established training and certification system here in the Philippines. Not only are we looking forward to introducing them into  mainland China HSAs but we will also train them based on a certification system,” says Mr. Yoo.
The partnership between Homeking and Filhigh GNS Inc. and Ikon Solutions Asia, Inc., both prominent recruitment and deployment agencies based in Metro Manila, will not only induce recruiting and dispatching high quality Filipino household service attendants, English teachers and care takers to mainland China in the future, but also will involve in establishing training camps with local educational institutions, enrolling Chinese participants in courses such as housekeeping, food & beverage service, cookery amongst others. In the end, it aims to produce high quality household service attendants that  could ably serve.
Homeking believed its eforts will soon attract more Filipino household service attendants to consider mainland China and will think twice going elsewhere.
Besides the Philippines, Homeking also looks to Japan and the United Kingdom as its possible next stations for article sorting, care taking of senior people and toddlers.
The first Homeking store opened in January in Xiamen City, where Homeking’s headquarter’s located. A total of 100 stores are to be opened in China in the coming years.

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