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Homegrown Phoenix Petroleum Unveiled PULSE Technology

Next-generation fuels set to power PH vehicles with Phoenix PULSE Technology_photo 2
As the leading independent oil company introduced its newest endorser – car-racer and actress, Rhian Ramos, Phoenix Petroleum unveiled the Phoenix PULSE, a cutting-edge fuel technology by world-class fuel experts exclusively for Phoenix Petroleum.
The launching was held at CIRCUIT Makati last February and was attended by Rhian herself and Phoenix Petroleum executives as well the Phoenix Fule Masters who are also part of the latest TVC of the oil company.
“As a homegrown brand, we aim to be the Filipinos’ top choice not only for their fuel needs, but also for fueling their dreams and aspirations. We work hard and continue to grow our business not only so we can bring our vision of being an indispensable partner to life, but also because as the next generation company, we want to provide this generation with the best products and services at the best value,” said Phoenix Petroleum President and CEO Dennis Uy.
The upgraded fuel products promise three main benefits: Avoids fuel filter blockage in diesel-powered vehicles, removes deposits from fuel injectors, valves, and piston surfaces, and provides engine protection. Phoenix PULSE Technology can help result to better fuel economy when used continuously.
For Rhian Ramos, she says she made the right choice with Phoenix Petroleum, a brand she’s sure her fellow millennials would love because, just like her, they want to get more value for their every peso.
“When I hit the tracks, I make sure that my drive is smooth, high-powered, and worry-free, which is why I choose to gas up at Phoenix Petroleum. Especially now that their fuels are powered with Phoenix PULSE Technology, I feel more confident every time I get behind the wheel, because it enhances my car’s power and acceleration,” she said.
Compared with the other stations, Phoenix Petroleum offers a much affordable fuel prices in the market.
Phoenix PULSE Technology is available at all Phoenix stations and in all fuel grades. These next generation fuels are suitable for Filipino drivers who are looking for a smooth and exciting ride.

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