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GSave Incentivizes the Habit of Saving

The art of saving has somehow becomes difficult to many. More often, we chose to spend more than value saving.

Most of us, at least those with a stable income, have fixed salaries expected every month. And if we’re disciplined, we pretty much have a fixed amount of expected expenses as well, from our daily subsistence to monthly bills.

And so setting aside a specific amount for savings every month should be simple enough. It’s a matter of committing to it, which entails putting off lavish expenses on wants, and limiting spending only for our needs.

The value of saving could not be undermined. Making sure to spare cash for a savings account is vital in ensuring we could sleep well at night. If you think about emergencies, those unexpected hospital trips or unforeseen family needs, savings could, quite literally, save lives.

I have taken on the saving habit more seriously this year. I learned from friends who said setting aside money for their savings first before their expenses worked really well, so I wanted to try that. I found out that mobile wallet GCash, which I have long been using to pay bills and bank transfers, has an awesome savings platform called GSave.

There might be some hesitation, especially among the non-millennials, to go into digital banking for a savings account, but I found that there is nothing to be concerned about with GSave.

GSave allows GCash users to open a savings account with CIMB Bank, one of Asia’s largest investment banks. Everything is done online, including opening an account. What’s great is it does not require a maintaining balance, which most Filipinos find a hindrance in opening their own savings account, and also does not require documents, which many Pinoys lack.

I love GSave because it incentivizes saving for me through its high interest rates, which is 3%. That’s much, much higher than what regular banks offer at less than 1%. If you keep at least P25,000 in your savings account, you could earn even more interest, at 4%. No other financial institution offers interest rates for savings like this.

GSave has helped me make saving a habit. Every payday, I set aside P5,000 and send it to my GSave account to continue building up my funds. There’s nothing like seeing the digits go up every month to motivate me to keep saving even more!

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