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Grow Business with Right Logistics

There are multiple factors to consider in ensuring a successful business. However, any businessman knows, for sure, that running a profitable one requires the right logistics partner to make their business even more competitive. 

The supply chains are complex matters to handle due to the ever-changing demands and the uncertainty of getting high value, without organized transport. This shows that implementing efficient logistics is a key factor when keeping up with the demands of the market and staying ahead of the competition.

For JP Marzan Project Ventures, Inc., one of the country’s leading logistics companies, finding the right partner should be based on track record, especially that an ample amount of knowledge, skills, and professional management are necessary to provide logistics services effortlessly.

But the question is, how can the right logistics partner help a business to succeed?

Key to Successful Supply Chains

Production, shipment, warehousing, construction, trade, and delivery of supplies are everything that is dealt with under the unique logistics network of supply chains. Businesses that do not have the proper logistics to help manage their supply chains would struggle to have the upper advantage on their competitors. 

According to a study conducted by Accenture, over 70 percent of supply chain officers believe that in 2020, the supply chain will be a key driver for better services in their companies. 

Jay Marzan, Chaiman of JP Marzan Project Ventures, Inc., could not agree more. He said that “building and maintaining a positive reputation through proper supply chain management would draw success for the business.”

Positive Business Results

A successful business grows and expands thus, productivity becomes more reliant on logistics. “One of the crucial parts of logistics that can benefit a business is supply chain management,” said Marzan. “It is used to plan and coordinate supply movements safely, timely, and effectively.” 

As such, businesses should hire competent personnel or partner with an experienced service provider to manage their supply chains flawlessly and to reach the supplies’ destination locally or globally.

Reducing Costs and Creates Efficiency

World business leaders realized that by having established logistics partners, they can have reduced costs in transportation and warehousing. According to Bain Research, there is about a 6-10% increase in the total margins of companies with optimized distribution networks, realizing that when reliable logistics partners take charge of the shipping of goods, it becomes more efficient and faster with reduced costs. 

Timely Deliveries

Businesses’ demands differ from each other. At the same time, whoever demands their supplies, product, or services also changes. The right logistics partner strategizes their movements and services by studying these demands carefully. By adapting as fast as the changing demands, businesses can ensure better results in delivering on time.

The Right Partner for Success

JP Marzan Project Ventures, Inc. recognizes that Filipinos value not only professionalism in partnerships but also of relationships. The company believes that to help a business grow or a nation to progress, everyone must work together to help.

The company has always lived up to its commitment to be a partner for the country’s development. With the current Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) the situation, which left most of the businesses of all sectors paralyzed for a certain period, working together to rise from the damages is needed more than ever.

COVID-19 not only left the Philippines paralyzed but also the entire world. Economic decline is experienced globally since most countries are in total lockdown and are working together to find a cure for this disease.

Global economic decline is present in the global road freights industry, as well. According to the International Road Transport Union, there was a 20-percent fall in activity and accumulated losses of USD 1 trillion in the industry. The 0.7-percent growth of global container volumes from 2019 have been immediately erased due to the virus, it also estimated losses of USD 350million per week, according to Baker McKenzie.

“The current COVID-19 situation is showing us that implementing efficient logistics is a key factor when keeping up with the demands of customers, especially in crucial times when the economy is at its lowest and in need of dire recovery,” said Jay Marzan, chief executive officer of JP Marzan Project Ventures, Inc. “As a reliable logistics partner, we want to let our partners know that we will help them to get back from this challenge through our safe, fast, and efficient services.”

The company started in 1972 as RV Marzan Brokerage and used to handle customs brokerage and deliveries around Luzon. Since then, it has established itself as a reputable logistics company, consistent with the best business practices. 

It has also expanded its services and catered to the needs of companies across the country. Among its services include heavy-lift support, trucking, forwarding, logistics, domestic distribution, warehousing, rigging works, plant transfer, factory machine installation, power plant assembly, project consultation, equipment rental, civil engineering, and trading of industrial equipment and services.

To know more about JP Marzan Ventures, Inc., visit its website at

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