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Globe Telecom Launches Globe MyBusiness Academy Online

To provide entrepreneurs with easy access to lessons and insights from industry experts anytime and anywhere they may be, Globe Telecom recently launched its online learning site called Globe myBusiness Academy Online to reach more budding and already in the micro, small, and medium businesses in the country today.
“Whatever industry you belong to, and whatever stage of your business journey you’re currently in, there’s a  lot for you to learn and benefit from in Globe myBusiness Academy. Even if you’re not a business owner yet and are only considering starting a business, the Academy can also be a source of inspiration for business concepts and motivation to get you started,” said Derrick Heng, Senior Advisor for Globe myBusiness.
Last year, a total of 53 Globe myBusiness Academy sessions were run in Metro Manila and in key cities. Globe myBusiness Academy is a program specially created for new and existing business owners to learn more important tips, get key business advice from more experienced colleagues and experts in various industries for free.
Witht he added online platform, existing and potential business owners can now learn from Globe myBusiness’ partners and distinguished clients on the fundamental basics and advanced tips to get them where they want to be in their business journey.
“this all relates back to the purpose of Globe, where we see a Philippines where families’ dreams come true, business flourish and a nation admired. We try to uplift these entrepreneurs by creating a community of learning through first-hand experience and valuable insights of industry experts and reputable partners,” said Heng.
To know more about Globe myBusiness Academy Online, visit and sign-up for free at

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