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Fujitsu Expands ScanSnap Cloud Solution in Asia-Pacific Region

PFU Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., the headquarter for Fujitsu scanner business in Southeast Asia, announced the regional expansion of ScanSnap Cloud. This service enables ScanSnap users to streamline workflow by delivering scanned data directly to their favorite cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Google Photo, and OneDrive*1, without a computer or mobile device.

Currently available in Japan since 2015, as well as in North America and Europe since 2016, the ScanSnap service is expanding to Asia-Pacific regions to meet growing demands.

“At Fujitsu, we have always been dedicated to developing new ways to make life at work and home more productive by increasing the value, functionality, and simplicity of our ScanSnap products. This time, we have combined the ease-of-use features of ScanSnap with ScanSnap Cloud’s ability to integrate seamlessly with a variety of widely used cloud services as part of our commitment to providing the best scanning solutions in the industry,” Fujitsu Philippines CEO and President Raul “Cricket” Santiago said. “Now more than ever, it is easier for customers to upload and manage digitized data in one space with this technology. We also partnered with Microsoft Azure and popular cloud services to expand this innovative service.”

Key features:
Transform scanning workflow
With one touch of the Scan button, ScanSnap Cloud automatically classifies scanned data into four categories: documents, receipts, business cards, and photos. You can simply set profiles for each category by selecting the cloud service of your choice in ScanSnap Cloud so that it automatically sorts and delivers each piece to its predetermined cloud service. This enables convenient, device-less scanning by eliminating the need for document sorting and selection of output destination.

Automatic and intelligent functions
Simplify your workflow by eliminating the need to adjust scan settings or provide file names thanks to various innovative features. Since ScanSnap Cloud is highly secured, there is no need to worry about security for your data.

Image optimization
Before delivering scanned documents to selected cloud services, ScanSnap Cloud optimizes scanned images with its advanced functions: Automatic Color Detection, Automatic Size Detection, Automatic Rotation and Blank Page Removal.
Name assist
Files are automatically named using extracted keywords and dates from scanned documents.
Searchable PDF Creation
Searchable PDF files can be produced on ScanSnap Cloud*2. Perform keyword searches on your documents using all of your favorite document management cloud services.
ScanSnap Cloud utilizes Microsoft Azure™, known throughout the world to provide protection for cloud data with its robust security platform.

Capture and access data anywhere anytime
The smart device capture functionality*3 allows you to scan important documents on-the-go, or even when your ScanSnap scanner is out of reach. This function maximizes the convenience and flexibility that one-button scanning delivers.

Because data can be accessed from cloud services, you can easily check and edit data on your smart device such as on the tablet and smartphone, allowing you to access important information wherever you are, whenever you need.

Available Cloud Services

Google Drive
OneDrive for Business
SAP Concur
QuickBooks Online
Talk Accounting
Google Photos

Region: May vary
Product: Available for ScanSnap iX1500, iX500 and iX100
Operation System: Available for Windows and Mac within ScanSnap Home, and iOS and Android with ScanSnap Cloud application
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