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Form Meets Function: SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip

Last year, Samsung defined a new category when it introduced the Galaxy Fold. Its foldable display defied expectations and changed how users interact with their smartphones. Now, the Korean tech brand is changing the shape of the future once again with the Galaxy Z Flip, a foldable device that combines both style and function.

Be fashion-ready with Samsung’s most stylish device yet

The Galaxy Z Flip comes in Mirror Black and Mirror Purple variants, two eye-catching colors that can match any outfit. The smartphone has a foldable body that makes it compact, durable, and chic. When opened, it offers a cinematic experience with incredible color quality, thanks to the Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex-O Display. Through these features, browsing through social media and staying updated is a breeze.

The Galaxy Z Flip’s frame is almost non-existent, making it an immersive experience with zero interruptions. Its stylish body is complemented by the world’s first Ultra-thin Folding Glass, a sleek design that’s guaranteed to turn heads. The foldable glass display further enhances the smartphone’s design and promises a satisfying and secure fold motion with Samsung’s Free-stop Angles Hideaway Hinge.

Capture OOTDs with an influencer-ready camera

The smartphone comes with unmatched flexibility and agility during impromptu photoshoots as it can be manipulated into a variety of ways. The device’s 12MP Wide and Ultra-Wide Front Cameras capture selfies and videos from angles that were not possible before. For example, low-angle shots, which are favored by many influencers, are now easier to pull off. With Quick Selfie, self-portraits can be snapped even when the device is folded as the cover screen can show a preview of the photo.

There’s a variety of styles to choose from with the Flip. Make use of an artistic bokeh to blur the background or opt for a broader field of vision with your shots. Aspiring photographers can further experiment by applying filters and trying different formats like Single Take, which allows users to shoot once and get different options for photos and videos. Those looking to explore vlogging will find it effortless with the smartphone’s 16:9 ratio video recording mode, theideal resolution for YouTube. It also features Super Steady to stabilize high-motion footage.

A stylish yet functional experience

There is more to the Galaxy Z Flip than just its striking form. Using it is seamless as the cover screen can show a preview of important messages and alerts. When a notification is tapped, the App Continuity function will automatically transition to the program when the smartphone is unfolded. This feature is perfect for busy days, especially for those on the go. For particularly hectic moments, Flex Mode turns the device into a handheld laptop while the Multi-Tray Window can display two apps at once.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a bold and fashionable choice for those who live to express themselves. It is available in all authorized Samsung Experience Stores for PHP 79,990.

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