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First LG Connect Staged in the Philippines

LG Electronics (LG) held the first LG Connect in the Philippines at Green Sun Hotel, Makati in partnership with Versatech International Incorporated, their official distribution partner for the Philippines.

LG Connect 2019 features a conference and exhibition of LG’s Information Display (ID) products and solutions across all industries.LG Information Displays are B2B displays that utilize high performance panels optimized for commercial use, perfect in environments with high humidity thanks to its conformal coating that prevents corrosion of the main board from humidity and dust,these displays are built for long-term use, with fewer malfunctions of the built-in mediaplayer.

LG’s In-plane switching (IPS) B2B panel supports 24/7 hour operation, portrait mode installation, wide viewing angles (178˚), durability in outdoor, and semi-outdoor environment.

In comparison with competitor’s panels, the LG IPS panel leads in termsof viewing angle, color accuracy, and operation temperature. These solutions create more value for end users, whereas normal B2C displays have limited performance and functions for commercial use.

LG’s Signage and Hospitality TV features a content management solution, In-room TVsolution (Pro:Centric), and ability to integrate with existing solutions like built-in PCand webOS platforms.

LG Information Displays also a have comprehensive portfolio of various uniqueproducts that only LG provides, such as transparent OLED, In-glass OLED, OLED wallpaper, 86/88” ultra stretch models, and transparent LED film.

LG Connect 2019 showcased LG Information Display trends, outlook, solutions, and innovations across all industries.

Key stakeholders from business consulting firms, design studios, urban planning companies, and leading IT and networking companies are invited to experience first-hand the technology and solutions LG ID provides to boost customer engagement and materialize new opportunities. Five (5) different System Integrators (SI) partnered with LG Connect 2019 to demonstrate how their solutions collaborate with LG ID across industries: MediacastDigital Inc. for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), AV Integration Technology Productsfor Government, VDA Asia Pacific Holdings, Ltd for Hospitality, Abenson VenturesInc. for Retail and ESCO Unified Solutions Inc. for Corporate solutions.

Aside from the exhibition of solutions, LG ID also introduced two of its newest innovative products in the market, the 130” all-in-one LED and the Interactive digitalboard (TR3BF).The 130” LED screen is ideal for building smart, hassle-free meeting rooms.

Its picture quality is supported by HDR10 which presents accurate and vivid colors to viewers, while fully immersing viewers with Surface Sound driven by 36 embedded sound units.

The new Interactive Digital Board (TR3BF) is a practical option for conference and classrooms, and available in various sizes (65/75/85 inches). It boasts high picture quality (UHD), fluent and natural touch writing experience, interactive class software built-in, and screen sharing compatible with Android, Windows, Mac and IOS.

“LG Information Display business is not just about pursuing the existing market demand, rather it is about stimulating and creating market demand by increasing the enduser’s awareness of LG ID’s solutions that adds value and benefits on products and companies. LG ID’s business top priority is to expand its partnership and collaboration among its solution providers in the market. Engage more end users and assure the value behind LG Information Display and our partners’ value-added solutions,” said Inkwun Heo, Managing Director of LG Electronics in the Philippines.

LG Information Display’s pursuit to increase market share and demand is complimented by its distribution partner in the Philippines, Versatech International Incorporated (Versatech). Versatech is a solution-based ICT distribution and marketing company that has built long-standing partnerships with renowned global brands for the distribution of information and communication technology products in the Philippines.

A strong network of 2,000 resellers in the market affords Versatech unprecedented access to key primary markets, including retail, education, transportation, hospitality, house of worship, enterprise, and government. The company’s unique ecosystem, coupled with their exceptional ability to generate demand in primary markets by utilizing relationship strategies and comprehensive digital marketing, has allowed Versatech to consistently deliver value to all key stakeholders.

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