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Duterte Defending Robredo was the Plot Twist that Shooktd the Nation During the President’s Latest Address

Last night, barely twenty more minutes before President Duterte closes his regular nightly address to the nation, he went public defending Vice President Leni Robredo from PACC Commissioner Manuelito Luna who ordered NBI to probe the vice president of her initiative to give help and assistance to people affected by the enhanced community quarantine and the COVID-19 outbreak

The president said that he saw nothing wrong with Leni’s public servant’s deeds, especially during these difficult times when the nation is down on a health crisis.

In his anger, Duterte announced last night that he is firing Comm. Luna from his office, effective immediately. Whew! That was some plot twist!

If you’re following Duterte admin’s history, the president (and his allies) don’t see much eye-to-eye with Robredo. Same goes with the vice president who is an open critic of the administration.

But last night, the president’s words of support for the vice president was something both camps did not expect.

Witnessing this gesture coming from the president, backing up the vice president Robredo might just be one of the good things that had happened since the COVID-19 outbreak hit the country.

During the address, Duterte also talked about the punishment awaiting for those who will violate the quarantine protocols. He also dissed Chel Diokno on national TV. He even joked around Diokno’s teeth and poor performance during the last presidential election. I thought I was watching that part like I was inside a comedy bar!

No offense, but I was (and still am) waiitng for more concrete updates on the nation’s health crisis developments and would much appreciate if Duterte speaks more of the P200B plus funds rather than listening to ramblings and trashtalkings on national television. Beer na lang ang kulang! Oh wait. May liquor ban nga pala!

The nightly cap ran for about more than 52 minutes before Duterte went off the air.

That was my cue to go back and watch Money Heist Part 4! Bela Ciao!

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