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DOT To Empower MSMEs With Insights On Travel And Tourism

 The Department of Tourism (DOT) recently launched its first Invest Tourism Philippines forum which aims to empower MSMEs by educating them on technological advances in the tourism industry, particularly the accommodations sector. The forum would provide a big boost to campaigns for MSMEs running businesses related to travel and toursim industry.
MSMEs are encourage to capitalize on travel and tourism sections like airbnbs, inns, homestays, boutique hotels and other tourist services.
The first Invest Tourism Philippines forum will provide MSMEs with  insights from local investors, businessmen and representatives of various government agencies.
DOT Undersecretary for Tourism Regulation, Coordination and Resource Generation  Alma Rita Jimenez said the country’s rising arrivals figures, combined with growth of the global travel and tourism sector, paints an attractive picture of the Philippine tourism market, which will encourage foreign investors to do business in the Philippines.
In the same forum, Asian Development Bank country economist Aekapol Chongvilaivan provided participants an overview of the current financial status of the Philippines, dubbing the country as a “rising star in Asia” due to the rapid growth of its investment-driven economy.
Chongvilaivan said tourism should serve as a major economic engine, with emphasis on fiscal management, infrastructure development and unemployment.
While the DOT is eyeing to attract foreign investments, Jimenez said opportunities still abound for local investors, driven by the need to address smaller accommodation requirements.
Representatives from government and private sectors addressed issues confronting the tourism industry and encouraged multilateral partnership and community involvement to achieve collective growth.

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