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Pinoy Actors and Actresses Who Can Best Play the Roles of Crash Landing on You Characters Filipino Version


Before you judge me, ‘bawal ang judgemental,’ huh?

Since the K-Drama Crash Landing on You crashed in on almost all of the Filipino households, a lot of viewers have stayed glued on Netflix up until the wee-hours of the morning just to finished off the 16 episodes of this latest rom-com television drama and be the first to post their updates of hashtag CLOY!

Indeed, CLOY has become the past time of Filipinos who cannot go out because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine imposed under a memorandum declared by President Duterte due to the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in the country since March 17, 2020. Pero ibang topic na iyan!

Girls started to fall in love with Captain Ri or should I say, with Hyun Bin.

And boys, are attracted to Yoon Se-ri, or Son Ye-Jin. Son. Ye. Jin.

This South Korean drama is one of the top watched and rated show on Netflix as soon as it premiered on the streaming platform earlier this year.

As a result, Pinoy teledrama fans began to compare each of the actors and actresses of CLOY to our very own. And it’s a never-ending comparison.

And so, I am giving you my own selection of who among our actors and actresses can play the roles of the characters in CLOY.

Let’s start!

Captain Ri

Hyun Bin / Zanjoe Marudo

Among the actors that can play this lead role of Capt. Ri in Crash Landing on You is Zanjoe Marudo. He’s got the built and has a personality similar to Capt. Ri. Zanjoe and Ri’s both tall too.

Yoon Se-ri

Son Ye-Jin / Toni Gonzaga

Yoon Se-ri’s got class and she also has a cute personality like Toni Gonzaga. Toni’s familiar to the character of Se-ri and she has played similar roles in many instances in rom-com films or series . Toni can be sassy and adorable at the same time.

Seo Dan

Seo Ji-hye / Kim Chiu

Seo Ji-hye’s character is someone you’ll hate in the beginning but can win your hearts during the remaining CLOY episodes. Kim Chiu can deliver a performance of a rich girl character like Seo Dan.

Gu Seung-jun

Kim Jung-hyun / Xian Lim

Like Seo Dan, this Gu Seung-jun is a character that you’ll hate as soon as you see him but you will eventually like him as the story of CLOY progressed. Xian Lim can steal this part of Gu, a conning businessman but with a kind heart.

Go Myeong-eun

Jang Hye-jin / Eugene Domingo

As for the wit and loveable personality, Eugene Domingo can play the role of Seo Dan’s mother without any difficulties. Domingo’s acting style is somehow similar to the character being played by the Parasite star, Jang Hye-jin.

Go Myeong-sok

Park Myung-hoon / Jayson Gainza

Providing comic relief is where Jayson Gainza is good at and playing the role of Go Myeong- sok will be easy for him.

Ri Choong-ryul

Jun Gook-hwan / Dante Rivero

One of the veteran actors I know who can pull-off the character of the Director General is Dante Rivero who have played different and many roles such as a man in uniform. This one’s perfect for Mr. Rivero.

Kim Yoon-hee

Jung Ae-ri / Jaclyn Jose

Jaclyn Jose is one of Philippines’ versatile actress. She can do drama, horror, comedy, among others and she is also a talented theater actress. Truth is, the role of the wife of the Director General and the mother of Capt. Ri is not that challenging. This is why I chose Ms. Jaclyn for this character. Let’s see how she can transform this meek person into a challenging one that will give more power performance to this character.

Chairman Yoon Jeung-pyeong

Nam Kyung-eup / Ronaldo Valdez

The character role played by Nam Kyung-eup has a bossy and elegant personality that is similar to a Ronaldo Valdez. As Chairman Yoon, Valdez can be a powerful and mean person who is a head of a big corporation bestowed with a presence of mind who is also objective and who can’t be fooled easily.

Han Jeong-heon

Bang Eun-jin / Carmi Martin

The beauty of Bang Eun-jin reminds me of Carmi Martin and this is the initial reason why I made this selection. But of course, Ms. Carmi doesn’t just have that beauty, she also has that style of acting that suits the character of a Han Jeong-heon.

Cho Cheol-gang

Oh Man-seok / Mark Anthony Fernandez

Lastly, hindi natin kakalimutan etong si Cho Cheol-gang, ang nagbigay ng pahirap kay Capt. Ri. Oh Man-seok delivered a believable performance playing the role of a mean and corrupt official who gave Capt. Ri hell all throughout the series. From the looks and with Cho’s strong character, I believe that Mark Anthony Fernandez can bring the house down and put up a one hell of a performance if he is given a chance to play this character and if ever that Crash Landing on You will have a Filipino adaptation version in the future.

Do you agree with this selection and will you be open for a Crash Landing on You, Filipino adaptation?

Leave your comments, reactions, and suggestions below.

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