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Coronavirus Outbreak: Are we OA?

But how can we be stopped from sharing the news about the novel coronavirus if a lot of legit media outlets have reported news confirming the spread of this deadly virus that could kill us all?

Some countries evacuating citizens from the outbreak epicenter. A plane carrying U.S. diplomats has already left Wuhan. South Korea is deploying flights to Wuhan to retrieve citizens from the country. And there are more than 5,400 confirmed cases of coronavirus, as of this writing.

South China Morning Post headlines Hong Kong researchers have already developed vaccine but need time to test it, as expert reveals. (1-28-2020)

On ABS-CBN News, they reported a developing news sourced from Agence France-Presse wherein Japan confirms man who tested positive for novel coronavirus had not been to China. (1-28-2020) showed a list of countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus. (1-25-2020)

GMA News broke the news from Japan confirming the new coronavirus in man who had not been to China. The infected person is a tour bus driver in his 60s in the city of Nara, Kyodo. (1-28-2020)

CNN Philippines revealed the death toll from the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has now topped 100, with more than 4,500 cases in mainland China. (1-28-2020)

In the Philippines, Manila Bulletin reported three Chinese nationals were admitted to the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila after displaying symptoms of flu, an official of the hospital confirmed. Two of them have travel history from Wuhan, China, the center of the novel coronavirus. (1-27-2020)

These are just a few of the reports and breaking news that we mostly see nowadays, no thanks to this viral and killer disease.

Some debunkers are claiming that the nCoV outbreak is not that life-threatening. Or are they just hiding the fact even if death toll now stands at 131 in mainland China? Some are accusing the government of playing safe and not revealing what is really happening around us.

Many people are saying that people who are spreading the news of coronavirus are just over reacting and are racists – blaming all Chinese nationals (whether they came from Wuhan or not), in particular. Tsinoys in Manila felt they are attacked, crying foul over this generalization.

Like just what happened in the recent Taal Volcano eruption, a lot of people panicked causing a mass shortage of face masks – N95 for that matter, adding to the fear of a major eruption, even if they are hundreds of miles away from the Taal Volcano 14 kilometer danger zone.

I cannot blame these people. Panic or becoming overwhelmed with anxiety is a result mechanism when a person fears for his safety and the people he cares.

It’s okay to be OA, IMHO. It’s okay if you’re thinking of the welfare of your loved ones. But we must also be responsible in checking data and reports before sharing and spreading news that might cause confusion, fear, and panic. But remember ome thing is for sure and certain, racism is not okay.

Share only news from reputable and reliable information. Share only news if you have verified its authenticity.

It’s okay to be a responsible OA.

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