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Coping up with quarantine through online shopping activities

I guess, as the quarantine or lockdown became part of our new normal way of living, we’re left in the confinement of our homes doing anything just to keep our sanity awake during these difficult times.

We’re still the fortunate ones. Many weren’t able to go to their respective homes and return with their families because the lockdown caught up with them.

For us, whose only problem is how to keep our daily lives in motion in the comfort of our homes, we experiment on new things and discovered new sets of skills.

Some of us focused on social media – Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram. There are many who discovered vlogging as a new hobby that could lead to potential income. Others learned the art of cooking which started out from a simple egg frying chore to perfecting the art of steak grilling.

And most of these things need ingredients, supplies, tools, etc., and because we can’t go out shopping in malls, our saving grace are online shopping stores and platforms.

I haven’t tried ordering direct from a certain merchant or stores but during this pandemic, I spent a lot of hours scrolling on my Lazada and Shopee home dashboard.

For basic and essential necessities, I can run to the nearest grocery and convenience stores but for other items that they don’t have, I turn to these onlone shopping sites.

As soon as this COVID-19 drastically changed oir lifestyle, I was on the lookout for face masks and fave shields. In the early spike of the coronavirus, I can’t even find a decent store or seller that sells an affordable surgical face mask. It’s also a good thing that even before the outbreak, we already have an ample stock of face masks in our emergency cabinet.

But I was looking for a face shield. I found one in Lazada and I immediately added two pieces of it in my cart. It took one month (which I didn’t even notice because when you’re in quarantine it made you somehow lost track of time) before the items were delivered in our doorstep.

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