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Charging Made Simplified By Belkin

For starter, here are some four benefits why you use a wireless charger.
1. Wireless
2. Don’t need to bring any cable
3. Less wear and tear, no scratches
4. Uses lithium-ion or Li-ion battery making charging faster
Belkin wireless charger is available in all Apple store for P3,690/P1,690. Most of the wireless charger doesn’t come up with adapters and no indication of what adapter should be used.
The Belkin wireless chargers will be officially available by August 2018.
Belkin wireless charger lets you charge your phones at any orientation, horizontal and vertical.
Just a reminder, the Belkin wireless chargers are fine-tuned for Apple iPhones for faster changing versus Android phones like Samsung devices.
With Belkin, customers are paying for quality of the brand and safety of the users.
Belkin products are available in Lazada, Shopee, and other official stores.

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