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Century Park Hotel’s Deli Snack Is One of Manila’s Finest Breadery and Delicatessen

(Press Release / Century Park Hotel)

Century Park Hotel (CPH), one of the finest hotels in Manila, is proud of its Deli Snack – a food outlet known for its wide array of breads, pastries, cakes and deli.

Breads and Pastries

Are you craving for soft breads with creamy butter? Do you have a penchant for French pastries? Or you just cannot help thinking about that chicken empanada for your merienda?

Deli Snack offers a wide array of treats and pastries from all over the world. Way back from the staples of the Medieval era of rye bread up to the modern-day rainbow bagels, we give customers an extensive range of breads and pastries to choose from. These universal comfort foods can be paired with coffee, hot chocolate, tea or any drink to suit your mood.

Our banana walnut loaves and raisin breads have generous servings of bananas and raisins for your delight. For the health-conscious, rye, kornpep, mini-French and farmhouse dark breads are available to fit one’s healthy lifestyle.

The outlet’s classic cream puffs and chocolate eclairs will surely tickle your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth! Make sure to reserve your share a day before your visit as these goodies are the crowd’s favorite!

Cakes and Chocolates

Special occasions call for heavenly Cream Cheese Cake and Red Velvet Cheese Cake.  Savor the goodness of Supermoist Cake’s layers of chocolate ganache (in photo) or Torta Nocciole Di Cioccolato’s chocolate-covered coffee beans which are guaranteed to be the highlight of the party. These highly-pleasing sweets will keep you coming back for more!

One of the best homemade luscious sweets is the Crispy Bonbon, a milk chocolate with crunchy nut filling made of divine wafers and fine almonds. Cappuccino Praline is another sweet treat that tops the list: its dark Belgian chocolate and Tanduay rhum are blended into a smooth texture. Bonbons and pralines are prepared inside the Century Park Hotel’s chocolate room and can be purchased in boxes of six or twelve.

Cold Cuts and Sausages

Not to be outdone, Deli Snack’s original cold cuts such as: all-natural smoked bacon, black forest ham, luscious pastrami, choices of sausages, smoked salmon and selections of chorizo are carefully made by the hotel’s remarkable chefs and are readily-available at the outlet.

You can also buy packs that come in handy for your own home cooking or wine and cheese pairing.

A Taste of Nostalgia

Today’s loyal patrons recall accompanying their parents at the Deli Snack who were devoted customers themselves. They still remember the delicious smells of the ube cheese ensaymada and the tartness of Danish pastries. They now relive that memory with each visit.

From generation to generation, Deli Snack has become synonymous to providing baked goods and delis to complement any occasion. Its reasonable prices have also made the outlet a byword to its loyal patrons through the years.

From 8AM to 8PM, customers are welcome to drop by and purchase various treats. Incidentally, bread lovers can also avail of Deli Snack goodies at half the price from 7pm to 8pm daily.

Having the best deals do not always have to be expensive, sometimes it just starts from finding the right place in the heart of Manila.

“Deli Snack will always be one of Century Park Hotel’s greatest assets.  Our pastries and cold cuts are specially crafted by our very own outstanding chefs,” said Anthony Tan, CPH’s General Manager. “These delights have been continuously enjoyed through the years,” he further added.

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