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Cancer Warrior To Conquer The North Pole

“The challenge I’ve faced with cancer actually toughened me up. So every time I’m faced with a challenge like this particular race, I always think there’s nothing harder than undergoing the treatments, they’re not easy and they take a toll on your body…I’m not going to say na sisiw ito, but it’s easier than what I’ve gone through.”
These are the words coming from a cancer survivor, in his 20s, and is going to conquer the top of the world via the North Pole Marathon set on April 9.
FWD Life Philippines, one of the country’s fastest-growing insurers is sponsoring ten (10) runners from six (6) countries across Asia who will showcase their passion and determination to take on extreme challenges and embrace this experience of a lifetime, traversing the 42-kilometer path with an average temperature of -30 degrees centigrade during the FWD North Pole Marathon 2018.
One of the runners is Louie Sangalang, a proud cancer survivor who was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix when he was 21. Louie is a multi-sport athlete who engages in mixed-martial arts, boxing, and triathlons.
For the “Blaze a Trail in the Arctic” challenge, Sangalang will be trained by coaches Ige Lopez and Romi Garduce, the country’s top mountaineer most known for being the first and only Filipino to date to complete the “Seven Summits” climb in 2012.


In one of his interviews, Garduce mentioned how he is surprised by Sangalang’s determination. When asked about the preparations that Louie needs for the race, Garduce said, “Number one factor is mental. And I’m not worried about that because this guy is very tough. I can’t imagine myself being able to overcome what he went through as a cancer survivor so definitely, his mental strength is already there. For me, what he only needs to prepare for is the technical aspect which is understanding winter survival skills, but the mental aspect which is really key in completing this marathon is already with him I’m not too worried about that. He can do it.”
“I want to inspire my fellow Filipinos with my story. This is why I’m running. I want them to feel empowered, that despite the many challenges that life throws, you can come back better and stronger with the right attitude,” said Sangalang who will be representing the Philippines alongside other runners from all over the world, including representatives from countries where FWD operates: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan.
The whole FWD team is backing up Louie in his quest to conquer the world. “Louie’s resilience in overcoming life’s challenges is one trait that resonates with Filipinos and this made him the perfect choice to represent the country in this marathon,” shared FWD Life Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Grimes. “FWD will be providing Louie with insurance protection so that he can embrace the North Pole Marathon challenge worry-free.”

Aside from FWD Philippines, Louie’s wife, Kaye, who has been always an all-time partner and supporter since day one.
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