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Camiguin, Philippines’ Next Emerging Local and International Tourists Destination

Popularly known as a sun and beach destination, Camiguin is preparing to become the next emerging local and international tourists destination to follow the likes of Boracay, Palawan, Siargao in terms of beaches, waterfalls, and mountains that travelers will fall in love with.

Visiting Camiguin for the second time, I can say there has not been a lot of changes (from three years ago) na nakita ko aside from more people have been rediscovering this island more frequent na.

I went here for the second time to join the 40th Lanzones Festival celebration this year. I am one of the invited media participants by Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) and its PR agency from Manila. TPB is the marketing arm of the Department of Tourism.

Camiguin is best known as harvester of the sweetest lanzones fruit in the country. History says Camiguin got its name from the kamagong tree that later became camiguin.

Ms. Marie Elaine S. Unchua, Regional Director IV DOT Region 10 helped out and showed us around some places in Camiguin and acted as our tour guide with the rest DOT and TPB officials during our stay in the island.

40th Lanzones Festival Street-Dance Parade and Presentation

Every October, Camiguin celebrates the Lanzones Festival in dedication of its bountiful harvest of the sweetest lanzones fruit in the Philippines which has now its own distinct brand that printed in every BOX as “CAMIGUIN LANZONES”.

This year, there were nine contingents who participated the yearly parade and dance and costume competition participated by senior high school students in the province.

Island Born of Fire

Dubbed as “Island born of fire”, I am pretty sure na every one who will visit Camiguin will be fascinated and fall in love. People visiting the island can go around the island’s waterfalls, islets White Island and Mantigue Island, beaches, historicak sites and landmarks, and siyempre get to eat a lot of the sweetest lanzones here in this beautiful island stand alone in east Northern Mindanao.

An added feature of the island is its peace loving community and Pro-development Local Government. I remember when I first visited Camiguin, I was told na it’s a zero-rate crime province and it holds until now.

Ang maganda pa dito is the natural resources are under protected areas sanctioned with a local legislation in an ordinance. No illegal fishing and strictly no fishing in protected areas specifically in Mantigue Island and White Island. Bantay Dagat are always in closed watch 24/7 that no intruder can enter specially to their marine sanctuaries; no bird hunting din sa mga mountain ranges and these are some reasons why napakadami na rin nang mga ibon and their species living in Mount Hibok-Hibok.

Mount Hibok-Hibok is a stratovolcano on Camiguin Island and is one of the active volcanoes in the country and part of the Pacific ring of fire.

Yan muna ang i-share ko for this article. Next, I will feature how to get to the island and what are the things you can do when you visit Camiguin.

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