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The Call of the Wild Out in Cinemas

If a movie is about a dog, it’s going to have a cuteness overload for sure.

The Call of the Wild is about a dog, named Buck, who was dognapped from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Canadian Yukon and was sold to be part of a sled-pulling pack of dogs in the snowy rocky mountains and the film was based on Jack London’s legendary novel.

The movie was set during the Gold Rush in 1890s and starring Harrison Ford as one of the characters who became friends with Buck.

Without giving out spoilers, The Call of the Wild is a feel-good dog movie with a tiny bit of drama but with a lot of comic reliefs. It’s also a hybrid of live action and animated filmmaking.

The Call of the Wild, from Twentieth Fox, is now showing in cinemas in the metro.

I enjoyed this film and it’s not a boring film. I was just disappointed that Karen Gillan only appeared in just a couple of scenes in this movie. But in the whole of the film, it’s worth seeing.

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