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Blue Aant Extreme Brings Movies And Gaming Entertainment For Your Viewing Pleasure This June

Get rid of your Monday blues this June with Blue Ant Extreme’s Brotastic movie nights with heart-racing movies specially lined up for your enjoyment.
Your great Monday movie indulgence starts on 11 June, 9:55 PM with the strong and deadly The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior with Michael Copon taking the lead role as Mathayus.
SmokinAces2AssassinsBall_1920x1080_ENG_US_STILL_DIGITAL_DIG_Clean_RGB_V1-875645 Gallery
Following that is the dangerously provocative Smokin’ Aces 2: Assasin’s Ball, airing on 18 June, where an FBI agent is at risk of being assassinated by multiple assassins, all hired by the same mysterious guy.
Follow the new maverick cop Ryan Chan (Jason Scott Lee) on 25 June, for the premiere of Timecop 2 on the channel. Ryan tries to protect the past from the present. A wild chase ensues as the protagonist tracks his nemesis through time to prevent the destruction of his company.
Game Characters ExposedKeyArt

Your Saturdays are also in for a treat as Blue Ant Extreme brings video game entertainment like no other with Arcade Cloud. The show is guaranteed with great content from the greatest creators with 2D and 3D animations, gaming storylines, fun gaming facts and top 9 gaming and more. Arcade Cloud premieres every Saturday at 11:50 PM on Blue Ant Extreme.

Blue Ant Extreme is available on SKYcable channel 104 (SD) 209 (HD), Destiny Cable channel 104, Cablelink channel 31 (SD) and 319 (HD).


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