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Binge Watch These Great New Shows With Netflix With Globe

There are a lot of good shows available on Netflix and it’s really addicting when you start watching. Shows like Stranger Things are a hit and everyone who’s into Netflix must have binge watched Season 1 and 2. Then there’s BRIGHT which we find to be a promising original series. heard there’s going to be a BRIGHT 2 in the future.
Recently, we saw The Toys That Made Us and it’s a fun and entertaining Netflix Originals that brought us back into our childhood days. Imagine, remembering all those toys that we’ve grew up and see them now on how they were first introduced and the history behind each toys. That’s amazing.

Now, Globe is giving us more reasons to binge watch all our favorite Netflix shows starting with Lost in Space, a new show based on a re-imagining of the 1965 series of the same name (itself a re-imagining of the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson), following the adventures of a family of pioneering space colonists whose ship veers off-course. It’s a 10 episode released last April 2018 and is about to be back for its second season.

There’s also Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 which is a horror-comedy starring starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant.
unfortunate events
Another show that made its comeback is A Series of Unfortunate Events headlined by Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, K. Todd Freeman, and Presley Smith with Lucy Punch, Avi Lake, and Dylan Kingwell joining the cast in the second season. The first season, which premiered on January 13, 2017, consists of eight episodes and adapts the first four books of the series. The second season was ordered in March 2017 and released on March 30, 2018. A Series of Unfortunate Events was renewed for a third season in April 2017, which will consist of seven episodes and adapt the remaining four books.

And there’s more to watch on Netflix aside from the above mentioned. You can still catch up with Marvel’s The Defenders, or follow Tom Kirkman’s story on Designated Survivor,a nd many more.
Globe Broadband subscribers can get a free 6-month subscription to Netflix with Plan 1299 and up while those who are on Globe Postpaid can easily subscribed using their Postpaid Plan and register to GoWATCH 399 to get more data for watching popular series and films. Prepaid subscribers can also subscribe to Netflix by availing GoWATCH for as low as P99 with 2GB of data to watch Netflix.
See? You have no excuses to not to start your Netflix binge watching!

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