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Beat the Last-Minute All Saints Day Holiday Rush with GCash

If you’re one of those people in perpetual travel either by choice or by chance, and rarely sets foot in your home, you ought to have one thing constant that will keep your finances in order because being on the road all the time can be stressful—lots of missed due dates for utility bills and loans, delayed bank transactions, and unrecorded expenses and cash flow.

A digital wallet such as GCash will become handy when you are on the move a lot. With the All Saints Day break coming, I expect a lot of traffic in and out of Metro Manila and more than the usual lines at banks, with everyone trying to do last-minute bank errands before the holiday.

This is the perfect time to download GCash and experience some of the benefits the country’s leading mobile wallet has to offer:

  1. Easy money transfers
    No need to look for a bank in an unfamiliar place and waste the time you should be spending on important matters (work if traveling for business or sightseeing if you’re on a holiday trip) in long lines. With more than 30 partner banks, GCash makes it convenient for you to transfer money from one account to another, whenever and wherever you are. Whether you need to send or receive money from someone else or you’re paying utility bills, you can do this in just a few taps on your mobile phone. Money is sent or received at the speed of a text message.
  2. Keep track of your financial transactions.
    GCash allows you to monitor your money and transactions while on the go—whether you’re at the airport, in a car or a bus. You don’t need to search for a bank that’s open on your free time because everything you need to help you budget your money is at your fingertips. Just make it a habit to cash in to your GCash so your mobile wallet has funds all the time.
  3. Available round-the-clock.
    You can do your financial errands at your own pace without fretting about completing transactions during business hours. With GCash, you can access your money and bank accounts at all times. No matter what time it is or where you are as long as you have internet connection, you can send or receive money, pay your bills and transfer money from one bank account to another.
  4. Hassle-free online shopping.
    If all the traveling takes much of your time away from shopping malls, GCash can get you a quick fix of retail therapy. The country’s best shopping apps, like Lazada and Zalora, honor GCash wallets as a mode of payment, and they give perks to those who use their mobile wallets once in a while. Many social sellers have also turned to GCash to give their customers a more convenient payment option.

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