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BDO Insure and Pioneer launched an affordable and customizable Pet Dog and Cat Insurance plans

Most Filipino pet owners would go above and beyond for their dogs and cats in return for their priceless company.

BDO Insure and Pioneer Insurance collaborated to introduce reasonably priced and adaptable Pet Dog and Cat Insurance policies as a way to help pet parents repay their unconditional affection.

The Pet Dog and Cat Insurance offered by Pioneer, according to Ed Ramirez, Vice President of BDO Insure, provides pawrents with additional peace of mind when coping with unforeseen circumstances concerning their furry children.

“According to a 2021 Rakuten survey, 67% of the Philippine population are dog owners, the highest dog ownership population throughout Asia — and 43% are cat owners, representing the second-highest population across Asia. Certainly, we have gone a long way from feeding our dogs and cats leftovers from our tables and have evolved in our roles as fur parents. Our love for the furry types was the inspiration in coming up with the product, where BDO Insure and Pioneer put emphasis on PET: P for Personalization, E for Ease, T for True Affordability,” Ramirez said.

This is the first and only pet insurance in the country that allows furents to “petsonalize” or mix and match benefits according to their and their pet’s lifestyle. Available in 4 plans for as low as P560, the base insurance provides vet reimbursement for Covered Accidents like bone fracture, burn, drowning, bite wound, and others defined in the list. Dog or cat owners can then add any of these coverages: a) vet reimbursement for Covered Illnesses, b) vet reimbursement for acute dental conditions, c) accidental death or essential euthanasia, d) pet international travel emergency vet treatment, e) petnap, or f) pet owner’s liability.

The insurance plan is a component of Pioneer Insurance’s commitment to promoting pet care and pet owners’ accountability, according to Pioneer Group Head Lorenzo Chan Jr.

“Our dogs and cats are not just our pets; they’re family. Through our partnership with BDO Insure, we are dedicated to help pet parents fulfill the responsibility of providing adequate and the right kind of  care, concern, and sustenance for pets, without breaking the bank,” Chan said.

In the spirit of inclusivity, BDOI and Pioneer welcome all breeds and mixed breeds of dogs and cats as young as 3 months old to be insured, including beloved aspins and puspins with vet cards. Older pets can be insured for as long as they are no older than 6 years old but once insured, their insurance can be renewed up to age 12.

To promote the product, BDO Insure and Pioneer joined the series of SM Super Pets Club Caravan where furents were treated to furry fun activities like Doggie Boot Camp, Super Pet Fur Show, and Meet & Greet with SM Super Pets Club ambassador Show Suzuki and his furbaby Gonta, all weekends from August 12 to September 3, 2023 in 8 super pet-friendly SM malls.

For more information about BDO Insure Pet Dogs and Cats Insurance, pet parents can visit

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