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BAKE Cheese Tart Celebrates Sakura Season

BAKE Cheese Tart, that delightfully delicious and famous cheese tart that originated from Hokkaida, Japan has now landed in Manila and opened two branches at The Podium and Powerplant Mall. There’s also a pop-up store at the Mall of Asia which opened last March 16.
Known as The Best Cheese Tart Ever, the secret here is the blend of four different types of cheese- three from Hokkaido and one from France. It is then cupped in a double baked crust and baked until it turns a delicate golden brown.
There’s a myriad of sensational mouthfeel upon first bite- from the sweet and crumbly crust to the smooth and cheesey filling. And there’s more, did you know that there are four ways to enjoy this cheese tart? You can eat it freshly baked, chilled, frozen, and warm.
“The cheese tarts are made of a complex layer of flavors that requires almost artistic detail. BAKE Cheese Tart was born 30 years ago in a Kinotoya confectionary in Hokkaido. From a rich portfolio of Western pastries and sweets, our founder applied a special single-minded approach to mono-producing the cheese tarts for BAKE. The result is a full-bodied but subtle cream cheese filling cupped in a double-baked crust,” shared Larry Tan, one of the owners.
Currently, BAKE Cheese Tart is conquering Asian cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore, and now- Manila.

 *Words and photos by Edel Santiago. She also writes her own blog at

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