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April Fools’ Day Got Cancelled

It seems that nobody’s starting this annual prankster tradition of making fun and jokes, and it’s not happening, at least this year.

According to a leaked email, Google has decided to suspend April Fools’ Day plans this year.

Historically, Google used to mark the occasion with elaborate pranks and Easter eggs, and the Google label can be seen with animation relevant to this day. But not today.

Nobody should dare and try. Because aside from the ‘Hey, I’m pregnant’ or ‘I’m leaving town because blah blah blah’ pranks, people are reminding others not to joke or make pranks about coronavirus. Pranks like ‘I’m tested positive with COVID-19’ are distasteful and now is not a good time to make fun about it.

Now, with people heavily relying on Google for information about the coronavirus pandemic, this is not the time for jokes.

The statistics aint funny

A lot of people around the world are getting infected with the COVID-19, and unfortunate ones are dying as the global pandemic continues to spread across continents.

As of this writing, has recorded 823,566 COVID-19 cases; 40,643 deaths; and 174,359 recoveries worldwide.

Also, Earth Shaker reported COVID-19 daily summary (as of March 31, 2020) from the DOH that there are “additional 538 new confirmed cases today (highest single-day increase), bringing the country’s total to 2,084.”

The report also shown the total 2,084 COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, with 1,947 active cases; 49 recovered; and 88 deaths.

According to their nCoV tracker, they already tested 3,938 individuals.


Remember, making jokes that you’re ‘COVID-19 positive’ is not funny this April 1st!

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