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AOC Welcomes Media During ESGS Media Day

AOC Monitors prepared a very warm reception for its friends in the media ahead of ESGS’ public opening. The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, or ESGS, is one of the biggest gaming conventions in Southeast Asia.

During the convention’s business day on October 24, members of the media and business leaders in the country had an early peek at this year’s booths. At their booth, which puts AGON Monitors front and center, AOC held a media-only mini-tournament to commemorate the opening of ESGS.

Press members often report the activities and going-ons of events. AOC’s media day mini-tournament gave them an exceptional opportunity to compete against each other. In the game CSGO, media people’s hand-eye coordination and reaction skills were tested.

AOC Philippines marketing manager Jack Salamia thanked the participants for their continuous support of AOC and of the AGON gaming monitor. He attributed AOC’s continuous success in the country to the positive response of the media. He then laid out the brand’s upcoming projects, inviting the press members to further support AOC’s activities and events, as well as the AGON Gaming Monitors line.

AOC’s booth this year will also test the skills of event-goers. Two teams of three will go head-to-head each day. The winners of the daily tournaments will get a chance to play against AOC’s talents. AGON Monitors, AOC’s gaming monitors, help players achieve perfect precision and let them stay true to their aim.

Amazing prizes and giveaways also await everyone who will partake in AOC’s booth activities. More prizes await those who complete challenging tasks.

Also in AOC’s booth are products of Rapoo and Teamgroup, AOC’s trusted business partners. Rapoo and Teamgroup have been helping AOC Monitors in its mission to provide better gaming experience for its users, and is fully supportive of AOC’s esports efforts. Be sure to check out their booths for more prizes, and get to experience their products firsthand.

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