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Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Cuisine Presents An Exciting Gastronomic Experience In The Philippines

Akrotiri is a Greek term for peninsula, which is also an ancient village on the volcanic Greek island of Santorini where different rich cultures and gastronomic experiences from different parts of the world flourished that even Plato used it as an inspiration to the story of Atlantis.
In the Philippines, Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Cuisine restaurant is a reflection of modern Greek culture in its ability to make each meal an experience which connects both the food served and the people rediscovering their roots. Akrotiri is a fusion of European and Asian cuisine that is traditionally marked with intense hospitality and generosity, and food is seen as a channel for affection.
Akrotiri’s Menu is co-conceptualized by Chef Luca Maffei, an Italian chef with intricate taste to flavours and fusion, bringing the blissful flavours of Asia and Euro-Greek cultures to the local cuisine.
A feast of specialty menu were presented during the recently held Akrotiri VIP Bloggers’ Night at the Commerce Center, Filinvest City in Alabang. The food choices are a classic greek heritage of Mediterranean triad themes that overlap with Malay, Oriental, and European influences.
The guests got to experience a wide array of the dishes from Shell Fish Saute with Clams, Mussels, Prawns, Squid, and Tomato, and the Eurasian Sour Soup and Souvlaki Skewers for the soup entries. The mezze (appetizers) line-up was headlined by the Wagyu Burger with Cheese, Shitake Mushrooms and for the main, the Wagyu Skirt Steak with Spicy Chili Jam, Roasted Vegetables, and Paprika Aioli, as well as the Seafood Tagliatelle with Clams. The Chocolate Garden Mosaiko topped Akrotiri’s dessert offerings.
Guests also had their fills of wines, spirits, and beer, as well as carefully curated cocktails.
“Metro Manila is an emerging market for restaurants and we wanted to present something new, yet still familiar tot he Filipino palate,” said Akrotiri Head Chef, Ereyca Trinidad.
Akrotiri is being managed by General Manager David Jones and is open from 11 AM daily at Unit 103 G/F Commerce Center Alabang.  You may log in to to know more about the restaurant.

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