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Acer Most Trusted PC Brand In The Philippines – Reader’s Digest

Drivers of brand value have changed overnight because technology equipped people to demand more personal connections and information about the products they buy. Nowadays, consumers value intangible qualities more than the price of goods. Reliability, integrity and trust are some of the measures of success that companies aim to achieve by opening communication and providing consistent positive experiences to its patrons.

Tech titan, Acer Philippines has continued to live up to its promise of constantly innovating its products and services and making technology accessible to everyone in its 15 years in the Philippine market.

“Acer believes in developing technology for everyone. Hardware, software and services should be maximized to open possibilities for consumers, wherever they are in the country,” said Sue Ong-Lim, Acer Philippines Sales and Marketing Director.

This year, Acer was hailed the most trusted PC brand in the Philippines by international multi-platform magazine Reader’s Digest. Reader’s Digest, one of the longest-running and most read publications in the world, conducted a study in several key markets in Asia, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines. The Trusted Brands Awards hails the top PC brand that scored significantly higher than its competitors on the attributes of trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs, innovation and social responsibility.

Enjoying the trust of readers for 9 consecutive years, Acer continues to provide the market with quality products and after-sales services. From its entry-level to high-end products, Acer has a reputation for offering devices that promise high-definition audio and visual components, stellar processing power, and generous connection ports, all housed in sleek, refined exteriors. The range is not only limited to PCs but also includes laptops, tablets, monitors, projectors, and cloud solutions for both home and business use.

“This award cements our conviction to be known as the IT company for Filipinos. This 2018, we have expanded our operations in key cities outside of Luzon to better cater to the growing demands in the country. Aside from this, we released new innovative products apt for various target markets and strengthened our bond with industry partners to foster collaboration.” said Ong.

Acer maintains its standing as a leader in technology through their innovations that are not just riders of the ever-changing demands of customers but are also game-changers in the field of technology. The tech giant stays true to its vision of breaking barriers between people and technology through its wide range of trusted products and quality service.

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