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Here are 10 Popular TikTok Creators to Follow While in Quarantine (Part 1)

In these times full of anxiety and desperation, people need a dose of laughter and inspirational contents on social media to cheer up as we fight the global COVID-19 pandemic.



Here is a random list of 10 TikTok creators I am following on TikTok who are interesting and who are keeping our sanity intact (or do they? 😆) during these difficult times.


Let’s start!


Marvin Fojas

With more than 800k followers, this dude knows what he’s doing on TikTok.

Marvin, also a YouTuber, posts funny videos and sometimes collaborate with other TikTok creators to mash up pick-up liners.

One of his popular TikTok videos is the how to properly use the word ‘luh’. His ‘luh’ tutorial has now more than a 100k Likes.


Gyl St-Pierre

I find Gyl interesting on TikTok not just because of his transition and funny videos but he’s more well known for his TikTok tips and advises.

There are others who share tips on how to make TikTok videos look and sound better but for a Filipino, Gyl’s videos are relatable and his tips are easy to follow.

He has more than 600k followers and he currently follows 506 TikTokers.



Zendee should be on my Popular Celebrities to Follow on TikTok article. But more than just a celebrity, Zendee Rose Japitana Tenerefe (IRL), is one of the TikTok creators who is consistent in making videos that are sure to land on the ‘For You’ page and with 1.1M followers, Zendee is one of the most followed Filipino TikTokers in the Philippines today.

Most of her contents are used for lip-synched/dubbed videos submitted by other TikTokers on the mobile app.


Zach King

If you haven’t heard of ‘the Zach King’ yet, then I don’t know where you have been all these years.

A former Vine creator and a popular YouTuber, Zach pioneered those totally insane videos, magically illusioned skits that would make your jaw drop on the floor.

He continues to show these type of videos on TikTok and at the same time, he’s also sharing the ‘hows’ of his creations.

Zach has more than 42M followers.


Jefferson Maddatu

I discovered Jefferson Maddatu when I started posting videos on TikTok. I decided to officially join the TikTok bandwagon because of this Enhanced Community Quarantine. Fact check, my first TikTok video upload was way back in 2018.

Going back with Jefferson, this guy’s got talent and most of his videos are his own original creations. While most of TikTokers do lip-synched or dubbed versions of popular videos, Jefferson uploads his own Original Sound that many subscribers used for their contents. That includes myself!

This guy has 292k plus followers.


Tyrone Tiaga

Another original skit creator is this guy, Tyrone Tiaga. Don’t be confused if you see one more or other accounts are accredited to this guy. I don’t know much why such need for additional accounts, but it’s also his.

Anyways, Tyrone specializes in skit videos showing multiple characters played by one person, himself. Also called cloning, mostly a duet with yourself, is a popular video editing effects skill used by TikTok creators to make their contents more visually appealing.

I give credits to this guy for making efforts to entertain people and his more than 1.7M followers on TikTok.


Just Sul

This guy is totally funny and hilarious. I first saw this guy in many trending videos on Facebook and I’m glad he’s also on TikTok.

Just Sul has 1.7M followers.


Cladge Vlogs

A Vlogger and YouTube content creator, Cladge entertains the world of TikTok with funny skits involving bf-gf/husband-and-wife moments.

Nakakatuwa yung mga skits nilang dalawa ng girlfriend niya (or is she his wife na?) lalo na yung mga couple moments where nahuhuli ng babae si lalake na may ginagawang kalokohan. Pramis. Solid ang patawa nila.

Cladge Vlogs on TikTok has 494.5k followers.


Rap Aguelo

Rap or @eraprap is another TikToker who uses the clone video techniques and makes it even funnier.

Most of his contents are family-oriented, mother and son, father and son, etc. Rap made them hilarious through punchlines, acting, and voice accents. He’s a natural born comedian.

Compared to Tyrone, Rap is far behind with 394.7k followers. With his skills on this field, I bet he’ll make his first million followers on TikTok very soon!


Mr. Nobody

I haven’t searched this guy’s real name yet, but from what I’ve found out, Mr. Nobody is an Indian-guy born and raised in the Philippines. He mentioned in one of his videos that he’s also Ilokano.

Well, wherever this guy’s originally from, he’s giving many people good reasons to laugh through his original contents. Mr. Nobody posts funny and sometimes serious video contents to inspire and entertain his fellow TikTokers.

And while he’s got that Indian lineage, he really loves the Philippines. Many of his trending videos are skits based on the ‘bumbay 5-6’ culture in the country.

In spite of what’s happening around, Mr. Nobody makes everyday living, lighter during these trying times.

Mr. Nobody has 164.9k followers.


Same goes to other TikTok creators listed above. They are contributing a whole lot of positivity during this pandemic while many people are quarantined and in lockdown.

Marami pang TikTok creators that I will feature next in the coming days.

For now, this will be Part 1.

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Thank you, guys! Keep safe and stay healthy!


Always wear your face mask and follow social distancing, okay?

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